Sunday 27 December 2020

Berger Back Blogging!

It is pleasing to announce that Francis Berger has resumed blogging; since I find his blog one of the most stimulating on the web. That it, I often find that his posts spark ideas and clarifications. 

So, if you don't already know his work - why not take a look? 

His current post is a very insightful piece on one of the most sinister aspects of this year of triumphant evil: I mean the global imposition of mandatory masking, or more accurately - compelling people to cover the lower half of their faces.

Masking has inimically inverted the very sight of an unmasked face in public. Rather than perceiving the life of a soul in the human face, many now regard the sight of the mask-less human face with trepidation and terror. 

The unmasked face is now viewed as source of potential harm and danger. Many go out of their way to avoid encountering it all costs, and in situations where they are forced to confront it, they react to it with fear and scorn. 

Nowhere is this more true than within the walls of Christian churches, where the very act of mandating face masking during services borders on outright blasphemy.


Read the whole thing...


Francis Berger said...

Thanks for the support, Bruce. And I appreciate the kind words, Doc.

David Earle said...

Bruce, I'd just like to wish you a Merry Christmas from my homestead here in Canada.

I began reading your blog roughly last Fall, and it has been invaluable to me on my journey to becoming a Christian, and served as a daily reminder to think-correctly, and grow sharper in my faith.

I maintain a couple private "chat servers" that relate to tradition, homesteading and Christianity which have 100+ members, in which I've included a "blog aggregator" that link to new posts made by you, Berger, Wildblood, Tychonievich, as well as a couple other of blogs I regularly read. I hope to have at least assisted a few people in their journey by introducing them to your writings.

Thanks again.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Islanti - Are you located in New Iceland?

David Earle said...

New Iceland -- that's something I had not heard of until now!

But no, I'm from a small town in rural Newfoundland