Tuesday 22 December 2020

Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Sorathic evil reflect the societal hierarchy

If we take the three types of evil - Luciferic, Ahrimanic and Sorathic  (lustful-tormenting, systemic-bureaucratic, and negative-destructive) - we can see that this ordering is reflected in several ways, which are related. 

First it describes the ordering of dominance in history, secondly the degree of evil-ness, and thirdly it reflects the societal hierarchy of The Masses, The Establishment, and The Satanic powers. 

By societal hierarchy I mean that Luciferic evil dominates the Masses - who are evil in impulsive, short-termist ways; Ahrimanic evil is typical of the Global Establishment and its managerial-class servants - who regard Men as merely human resources towards abstract goals; and the Sorathic evil of negation, value-inversion and destruction of The Good is characteristic of the demonic overlords.


This leads to considerable mutual incomprehension looking upwards. 

The evil Masses simply cannot recognise the evilness of the Establishment-managerial class; they cannot comprehend that the Establishement's vast and comprehensive agendas, plans, schemes are a kind of evil. 

The Masses cannot see this as evil because it is so abstract, so impersonal. Ahrimanic evil has very little 'fun'; it is dull drudgery - meetings, tick-boxes and flow charts. 


And when the Global Establishment look upwards to their demonic overlords; they too fail to see that demonic evil is of a very different nature from the complex Ahrimanic, international, bureaucratic systems that are so laboriously, so tediously, being constructed at present. 

The abstract system-builders do not recognise that the demons are sabotaging cherished Ahrimanic goals of a transhumanist technocratic society of total surveillance and micro-control; by, on the one hand, encouraging Luciferic destructiveness among the Masses (riots, arson, beatings, murder); while on the other hand degrading efficiency and capability faster than the systems can be built. 

The cause of this Ahrimanic misunderstanding is always-increasing dishonesty


Ahrimanic systems depend on real information, and real information depends on honesty. Yet the Ahrimanic Establishment class are continually selecting, hyping, spinning and (where deniable) fabricating the 'data' upon which their own power depends. 

Claims increasingly outstrip attainment - decline is re-analysed into growth, failure is redefined as success. 

Thus the Establishment always overestimate the degree to which their plans are succeeding. 


Put bluntly, the Establishment do not know what is happening; they do not know because nobody in their systems is seeking the truth or speaking with honesty. 

Consequently, the Establishment suppose they have done well in 2020! 

They know they are richer; They believe they are more powerful; and They are confident that everything is going pretty-much according to plan - and infer that Their prospects are bright...

But such evaluations are based upon a tissue of falsehoods. 


They do not know - consequently they do not realise that they are in truth (and very obviously, to anyoneone outside of the System's deceptions) elaborately rubbing their hands and cackling with glee at fouling their own nests!

The Establishment suppose they are creating a global totalitarian society of law and order with Themselves at the top and outside, pulling the strings and collecting the rents. 

In fact, they have created (and are actively worsening) global spiritual chaos, collapse of morale and motivation, and a conflagration of fear and despair; which will surely accelerate, spread and consume the Establishment uncontrollably; like a wild-fire.   


They began by lying to the Masses while sharing reality with each other in secret 'elite' meetings and conspiracies; but this Ahrimanic 'Iron Cage' very swiftly evolved to a pseudo-system of universal and mutual propaganda and manipulation, in which the Establishment were themselves enmeshed. 

Now, everybody is lying to everybody else, 24/7

And then - the biggest lie - making confident assertions about what is going-on and what will happen. 

(And then lying about that.)


The only real winners of 2020 are the Sorathic demons whose agenda is merely negative, destructive, and aimed-at universal human self-damnation. 

The demons despise all humans, but especially those arrogant and foolish Men who believe they have outwitted, and are controlling, the demons. 

Fairy stories and legends are full of warnings against dealing with demons; but the Establishment made the Faustian bargain nonetheless. 

They invited evil into their hearts (which is the only way it can enter); made a 'bargain' with the Father of Lies, were (apparently) 'rewarded' by power and gratification in the short term; but in truth they were actually selling their souls literally, surrendering their wills - and this (sooner or later) becomes de facto irrevocable.


This is a spiritual war, and the stakes are salvation and damnation. 

There used to be several 'sides' in the spiritual war, but in 2020 the middle ground has all-but gone: there are only two sides

One side asks that we consciously choose to acknowledge God our Father and the Creator as Lord, if we wish to follow Jesus Christ to our 'reward' of resurrected eternal life in Heaven. 

That is one choice.


The other side offers some (more-or-less brief) up-front gratification in mortal life, as reward for being invited-into the heart. And for which it enforces a payment which is always the same, and is always exacted sooner than expected: enslavement, fear, resentment, despair and eternal misery. 

That is the other choice.  

Two choices only: either to have the next world as our chosen priority; or this world - but not both. 


Karl said...

Well said. Ahrimanic evil is indeed very difficult to recognise, soratic evil less so. In my experience, many people recognize ongoing destruction of truth and beauty, i.e. soratic evil. Problem is they usually do not see this destruction as evil, but rather as a means to achive goals they want to achieve or at least don't mind others achieving. This stance is easy as long as the destruction is limited to things they do not value much. As the destructions spreads it inveitably affects things they do value.

Many people are now at that stage, many more will come to that stage in 2021.

Once things are destroyed that people value, most of them begin to doubt and even see the destruction as evil. This is the first step to oppose this evil and I have recently met several people who have done that. The corona lockdowns and all that come with it triggered this recognition.

I am confident that some will find the way to Christianity. Otherwise any resitance they are capable of will be fleeting. Spotting a lie is important, but it is not enough to find truth.

Doktor Jeep said...

And against this globohomo system, apparently as it seeks destruction of human systems, Sorathic evil will look more savior than savager.
I also get a twinge of human generations around this.
Luciferic: boomers with their sex, drugs, rock and roll, materialism, me me me.
Ahrimanic: control freak millennials of the sort who would even destroy you for not saying what they think you should as much as saying what they disagree with.
Sorathic: burned out and run through the mill GenX who just wanted to play video games and watch the world burn.

The zoomers are going to need shovels.

William Wildblood said...

Superb analysis. I would only add that it is all getting faster and faster. I fear those who hope for a good 2021 after the events of 2020 are going to be disappointed.

a_probst said...

@William Wildblood

Well, I do kind of hold out the hope that I can build and fly some of my backlog of unbuilt model rocket kits and that I can have at least one more spring of the hummingbirds' nesting on the wind chimes outside my dining area window.

James said...

Following from Mr Wildblood's comment on the chromatography post, and Karl's comment above, I wonder if 2020 was also a chromatogram, where you were measured by how much had to happen before you smelt the sulphur.

Monomachos said...

Key feature of the Ahrimanic class: everybody's a manager, but no-one's in charge

William Wildblood said...


As long as there are hummingbirds nesting on wind chimes the world is a beautiful place.

Josh said...

Thank you for the ongoing (and timely) clarifications. Found the following list that was helpful after first hearing of the ‘separate but evil’ Ahriman & Lucifer:


Also noticed some potential word magic within 2 seemingly Ahrimanic families we all know & loathe: Rothschild & Rockefeller. These 2 so-called families have a plethora of Faustian contracts, but modern banking & modern education in particular have been pivotal in promoting the current materialism. What do the names have in common? They both begin in RO & end in MAN. If Roman wasn’t enough - and, admittedly, it may be a stretch - it gets more odd when you sound it out: R+O+man. Sounds suspiciously similar to Ahriman. Front men for the Brand of Ahriman? Changes nothing, yes, but just thought I’d share. Thanks again for the brilliant breakdowns.

Justin said...

@William Wildblood

Thank you for that; that was wonderful. Even a crow on a power line is sufficient to make this Earth a beautiful place.