Thursday 31 December 2020

The false choice of a fake objectivity versus honest subjectivity

The false choice with which our society (and, as of 2020, this is now a Global System) confronts us; is now between, on the one hand:

A public, thus 'objective' world, that is 'virtual', fake, lies and purposively-evil

and on the other hand

A Good world - derived from truth seeking, truth speaking and respect for reality; but which is private and 'subjective'


To put matters the other way around: if we want to share our world with many/ most other people - then we must agree to accept (internally) a world of falsehood: we must take the side of purposive evil

But if we want to be on the side of God and of Good; and to align with divine creation - if, that is, we insist on believing the world in an honest and realistic way - then we will be consigned to isolation


This is a reversal of the normal situation! It is a core instance of that inversion of values that is characteristic of evil, when its agenda is most fully-developed

In the past; a madman was somebody who: 1. had an incoherent and false world view, and 2. this world view was private and personal. Pure subjectivity of belief was characteristic (although not definitive) of insanity.

But now it is a person whose world view is coherent and true, that is treated as a madman! The honest and sane Man finds himself isolated in a world of mandatory psychotic nonsense!

But the truth is that real-reality is God's creation; and this is (in principle) accessible to anyone who trusts God. The prime choice of mortal life is whether to align with, or against, God's creation (This is Good, and evil).

God's creation is the real-reality; which is objective in the sense that all can share it. However, sharing that real-reality requires the active, conscious choice to be Christian; including to embrace 'spiritual' assumptions about reality.   

If, on the other hand, we remain materialist-atheist in our assumptions, thinking, and lived-perspective, then holding 'Christian beliefs' will do us very little good.

(As we can see from the abject capitulation of Christian churches to the values and imperatives of secular, materialist Leftism; through 2020.)


If we remain (like almost everybody) un-conscious of God and the spiritual'; if (that is) we continue passively to absorb reality from The System, and to reason 'materially' and abstractly - then we will 'naturally' choose the Global Establishment world of evil lies; so that we may participate in a public, general, shared world-view. 

That is the only expedient choice (when expediency is defined this-wordly, 'materially'). This is the only way we can avoid exclusion and danger of psycho-social aloneness. To do otherwise is to become a pariah - in this mortal world.


Yet to affiliate with divine creation is the only objective truth

But actually, in-practice to do this; Christians must now accept the same kind of minority, despised and feared, status that was previously accorded to the insane.

For affiliation-to-creation to become a viable and sustainable way of life; it seems to me that 'ordinary' Christians need to develop the kind of direct and personal knowledge of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost that was previously the provenance only of exceptional mystics.

Hence Romantic Christianity



CL said...

Relevant quote from The Sayings of the Desert Fathers:

Abba Anthony said, ‘A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, “You are mad, you are not like us.”’

Has there ever been a time in history as morally inverted as this? Perhaps the wealth and technology of the current age has meant people can go a lot further with inversion before things collapse.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CL - "Has there ever been a time in history as morally inverted as this?"

Not that I know of - nowhere near.