Wednesday 30 March 2022

Discerning synchronicity

Synchronicity may be an experience of divine providence. It may be a sign of God's personal intervention in our personal life; and therefore an indication that our live has purpose, hence meaning. 

On the other hand; some synchronicities seem to be meaningless and coincidental, in they seem to make no sense or seem merely trivial - so as to make a mockery of providence: on the lines of: "If God has nothing better to do that that, then what kind of a God is it?"

And apparent synchronicity can be faked (using information gathered through surveillance or 'stalking', for example) and our feelings thereby manipulated; and this can be done by human intervention - or indeed by demonic. 

Indeed; I think it likely that a considerable amount of evil is accomplished by strategic demonic manipulations of a synchronistic type - that are intended to lead to sin committed under the delusion of 'destiny', therefore un-repented sin, thus value-inversion. 

(This seems to have happened frequently among New Age spiritual seekers, - especially with regard to sex.)

So someone who was to regard all synchronicity as evidence of destiny, could be led into evil. 

In other words; synchronicity is not always A Good Thing. 

We need to discern synchronicity in our own lives - since, like most things, it may be motivated by evil; as well as being a potential manifestation of Good. 


ben said...

Needed this exactly now (within the next hour or so). Was trying to interpret synchronicities to make a major life decision. Hadn't strongly considered the demonic possibility.

Good synchronicity.

Kathleen said...

You are correct in that the discernment is the key to understanding synchronicity. It makes me think of “signs” in pagan religions where people are looking to the tea leaves or sifting through the entrails of some unfortunate creature to see what their next steps should be. Anything, really, could be a sign if you want to believe in randomness, or in a worldview where God has no sway or is, at best, a neutral figure. But I think synchronicity is based on a plan, whether we know the plan or not. Trying our best to be participants in God’s plan, to make our decisions based on the Good, is true discernment in my eyes.

Bruce Charlton said...

@K "I think synchronicity is based on a plan, whether we know the plan or not."

Yes, I agree. But the plan might potentially be a malign one - directed against the person experiencing the synchronicity. I think that possibility usually needs to be considered, even when subsequently rejected.

More broadly, the 'plan' of a synchronicity could be understood in terms of the effects that the events have on a person - whereas we more usually try to understand the meaning/ implications at the level of what the events imply or tell us. In other words - the plan (positive or negative) could be directed at our minds, not at the world.