Thursday 10 March 2022

Why did YouTube ban 'flat earth' videos?

Remember a couple of years ago when the mass media was full of stories about how social media was going to ban flat earth and other 'harmful' 'conspiracy theories'?

Why did They do such an apparently stupid thing, and make such a fuss about doing it? 

At the time; I presumed it was because They were bracketing an obviously-false theory with actually-true ideas about the birdemic, climate, the transagenda etc. in order to taint the truth by association. 

(It's a common enough tactic for Them.)

But this ban, and the associated propaganda, seems like overkill and more likely to backfire than assist Their cause; in that there are very few theories that are less harmful than flat earth - yet the whole exercise was supposed to 'prevent harm'... 

I now believe that flat earth theorists are indeed harmful... to The Establishment (which is the true meaning of 'harm' in this context); simply because to be a flat earth believer one must detach oneself from The Narrative, and believe something despite its being of low status and mocked by All mainstream individuals and institutions. 

The specific content of the theory is all-but irrelevant; because it is any assertion of any individual person's independence from official propaganda, which is what They correctly perceive to be harmful to Their interests.

Banning flat earth theorists is thus part of the Global Totalitarian (and demonic) policy of zero-tolerance for human free agency.


Stephen Macdonald said...

Thank you for providing this perspective, Dr Charlton. I am not a stupid man, but it would take me months to arrive at the conclusions that flow so effortlessly from you in this blog. You truly do us a great service by continuing to write. I absolutely believe God is using you quite intensively at this time. Praying that he continues to provide you with the strength to serve him in this manner (you've mentioned your health challenges, so I expect it hasn't been easy maintaining this steady output).

Bruce Charlton said...

@Nova - Thanks! And I'm glad you find the blog useful - but I will *try* to forget what you said because it is way too pressurizing!

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Tim Cook used the term “violent conspiracy theories,” as if a theory itself could somehow be violent. The “violence” such theories do is to their proponents’ trust in the System, I suppose.

The way FE is characterized first and foremost as a *conspiracy* theory — rather than a geological theory — is telling. The danger is not in what FEers say about the shape of the earth, but in what they imply about the credibility of System authorities.

It’s like the persecution of heretics in the past, even when the content of their heresy seemed innocuous enough. A heresy isn’t just a theory about theology; it’s a theory about how the institutional Church is wrong.

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from Todd

"Great point. Whatever you think about Flat Earthers, they can be very courageous in applying radical empiricism or what might be called "zetetic philosophy." You may disagree with their results, but they have the confidence to think that they can seek truth using their own reasoning and perceptions and investigations. And that is NOT tolerated any longer.

"You must not reject what the authorities inform you is the truth. ...

"I think there is a spiritual element, also. Again, I'm not advocating flat eartherism, but if you happen to be a flat earther, you also tend to reject the idea that man and his world is tiny and insignificant. It usually goes along with a view of the earth as central and significant. Again, leaving aside the truth or untruth of flat eartherism, the view of man and his world as central to creation is not tolerated.

"Oh, isn't it great to ponder who insignificant man is, and how tiny the earth is, lost in the infinite cosmos, which will paradoxically one day collapse into nothing..." "