Tuesday 8 March 2022

Take note of what is done - ignore the 'justification'

A few things that have been done and are proceeding apace: 

1. The global Establishment are destroying the world economy (including food supplies), world trade, and the currencies of the world. (This destruction has increased immensely in the past fortnight.)

2. The global Establishment destroying health services, the quality and numbers of health personnel, the medical supplies. They are actively (trying to) engineer lethal infectious weapons. They are actively poisoning populations and eroding health (physical and psychological) in multiple ways. (This, especially over the past two years.)

3. The global establishment are doing everything possible - physically and psychologically - to generate consent, support and enthusiasm for a world war - than which nothing would be more rapidly destructive. (This is increasing rapidly, ever-more widely, and daily.)

All the above are simply matters of fact. (Whatever the 'excuses'.)

Thus we have the three major historical causes of mass human death and population-suppression - starvation, plague and violence - all actively being pursued on a worldwide scale by the Establishment. 

In a world of seven billion plus people - this is aiming towards giga-death: death in the billions - which would be a first in human history, since the world population only passed two billion a century ago. 

Are the Establishment in fact destroying civilization

Well, yes - because as well as the above; there is a pattern of factual destruction of all the elements of civilization. Churches are being destroyed; and all of the 'civilized arts' are being destroyed, including science, technology, law, education. 

Even the military and police ('enforcers' of civilization) are being destroyed - at many levels, but especially by indifference to effectiveness - combined with the sexual revolution. 

OK - so the establishment are engaged in destroying civilization. Two questions arise: should we stop them; and, if yes, can we stop them? 

Should we stop them? That's difficult... 

The present world civilization seems to be the most evil in history - by far. Should we strive to save this System for Man's corruption and damnation? 

On the one hand; The System keeps us biologically alive - and while there is life there is hope. On the other hand The System is becoming ever more specialized to destroy our souls - A System of Lies; a System directed against God/ Creation/ The Good; a System that subverts and inverts values (Truth, Beauty, Virtue, Coherence) and imposes its inverted values by mass propaganda and force... 

And The System is getting worse, and getting worse faster and faster...

It is, at least, not obvious that from a spiritual perspective - and in light of resurrection and eternal life to come - Christians ought to be trying to save The System. 

But supposing somebody reached the judgment that, despite its accelerating net-evil, The System ought to be saved - perhaps in order to minimize or delay the scale of human suffering. 

The question then is can civilization be saved; given that it is the most powerful, wealthy, famous and high-status people in the world who are destroying it? 

Since destruction is so much easier and quicker than creation - it seems likely that if They want to destroy civilization, We cannot prevent it. There are just So Many ways that civilization can be destroyed (and most of them are well advanced by now). 

The System is global, with multiple interdependencies and local specializations of function; which suggests that once it starts collapsing, this is likely to accelerate due to positive feedback mechanisms.

And then there is the problem of 'We' as contrasted to Them... 

If it was Us versus Them, then there might be a chance to stop Them. But, looking at the behaviour of The Masses of the world - especially the masses in Western World, in the most powerful, wealthy, famous and high-status nations and multi-national organizations - it is clear that many/ most of the masses are at least consenting and often actively eager to destroy civilization. 

This has been obvious during the birdemic-peck business; and even more obvious in the past days. 

At the very least; 'the masses' are demanding and themselves implementing all of the policies leading to starvation, plague and violence - even striving to extend, elaborate and out-do those measures that have been forced upon them by the Establishment. 

In conclusion; the destruction of civilization has already begun, and is accelerating. 

And from a spiritual and Christian perspective it is doubtful whether we ought-to strive to sustain civilization in face of concerted Establishment efforts to destroy it. And further it is extremely unlikely that we could save civilization even if we decided that this was a good idea.

Therefore, civilization will-be destroyed (and billions will die of some combination of starvation, disease and violence) - whether we personally like it or not. 

(Unless there is some kind of vast repentance and reversal of direction).   

And when global civilization goes down, everybody-everywhere will be affected, and nobody will escape the consequences except briefly - which consequences are unknown and unknowable because our situation is unprecedented in so many ways. 

So, we can 'relax' about it - and concentrate on Not worrying! 

Once something is inevitable and unavoidable we can focus upon 'coping' with it, rather than wasting time and energy on futile counter-actions - which may also be net-harmful. 

Clearly, our counter-attack ought to be primarily spiritual, rather than just material. Indeed, the material realm is in fact part-of the larger and inclusive world of the spiritual - so we can expect valid spiritual counter-measures to be materially-effectual, as well. 

We therefore seem to know (in broad terms) what we should do - and what not to do. 


Nym Coy said...

I think the best course is to strengthen your local community, support local businesses and build relationships, so you can cope together and help each other out as we're affected unevenly.

Bruce Charlton said...

@NC - If you can find suitable people - yes; but that is the problem.

jorgan said...

The rapid pace at which they are destroying their own system must be God goading them to their own destruction, to bring an end to gay.

Todd said...

Dr. Charlton:
Thanks, I needed this. God bless you.