Tuesday 1 March 2022

Why don't modern people realize their cowardice? Simply because they feel nothing is worth sacrificing for

I often (as in the previous post) reference the historically unprecedented cowardice of people in the world today; as I often reference their unprecedented dishonesty. 

Both phenomena have the same root, which is the pervasive and official atheism and materialism - hence denial of any purpose or meaning for human life.

Quite aside from explicit and propagandized beliefs; modern society operates on the basis that this universe is an accidental outcome of 'physics' and Man is an accidental outcome of "chemistry plus, later, biological evolution" operating in that physics-context. 

Each individual Man is assumes to arise at conception or birth, and to be extinguished by death. 

In sum - the officially-endorsed and universally-disseminated message is that each Man emerges into a meaningless world; a world which came-from and is-going nowhere in particular (and nothing to do with us, personally), and soon is snuffed-out. 

Any 'meaning' we choose to make or accept is likewise contingent and brief; and anything of our-selves that may exist beyond our death (e.g. in the memories of others or the records of civilization) will also come to an absolute end. 

Just as our own lives are a biological-chemical blip - then gone forever; with nothing remaining; so are the lives of all other Men; so are our families, places, nations and the civilization.

(All of which  -we are increasingly told by official sources - will very soon [e.g. by 2030] be gone, forever, with nothing remaining.)  


In sum:

Modern man has nothing to live for (beyond any current gratifications he may personally feel) - and absolutely no hope of anything better ever under any circumstances; and he is convinced that to believe otherwise is delusion

In such circumstances, each Man knows nothing for certain more than his current state of well-being or adversity - and nothing is worth sacrificing his current well-being for; because nothing in the longer term is certain, and anyway it will not last.  

But courage entails the sacrifice of current well-being for some goal considered to be more important - so naturally Modern Men are cowards, since they are convinced of nothing more important. 

Modern Men are above all expedient; seeking the easiest way through life with a short time-horizon - and when that involves cowardice, lying, incoherence, and obedience to evil - well, so it goes

Given what they believe they 'know' - it would be foolish  to do otherwise. 

And so Men's own cowardice is invisible!

Because (for them) nothing is worth sacrificing for - courage is seen as delusion. And cowardice is re-labelled as common sense - or indeed a higher wisdom.  

Therefore, the most cowardly population in world history believes itself to be the boldest! Brave, bold and unashamed in their lying, groveling, manipulated expediency!


a_probst said...

No comment.

Kathleen said...

It takes integrity, strength of character to speak the truth when the truth is not widely accepted as such. Here we get back to values inversion or Opposite Day. To stand against it all is quite a thing, because today there is a high price to be paid, and Modern man/woman does not want to pay that price. “Go along to get along”. I think that many adhere to the “live to see another day” philosophy, never realizing that every day is another opportunity to stand up for truth, and make courageous decisions, and that one day, sooner than they know, those days come to an end. I don’t think that they feel nothing is worth sacrificing for: they know that there are things worth sacrificing for, they simply don’t have the moral courage or strength to do it. To them, it’s not cowardly because they’ve convinced themselves that, just like Scarlet O’Hara, “tomorrow’s another day”, as if they have endless days before them. They prefer to let others fight the battles that need to be fought and hope that they’ll be beneficiaries of such, a type of intellectual and moral laziness. They know there is a sacrifice to be made, but they are too weak to make it.