Tuesday 1 March 2022

Who are the baddest baddies? Another test of Christian discernment

In these End Times we can expect to have our discernment tested. And that is indeed happening - repeatedly and on a large scale. 

These discernments are not really difficult - although their consequences are often adverse. 

When we look around the world - a world that Christians should instantly be able to see is the most evil in history; we can perceive that, although evil is general (the linked-bureaucracy, the Black Iron Prison - the global totalitarian System whose scope and power has been so evident over the past two years), some parts are more evil than others.

Because some people, institutions and nations are the focus and origin of evil, while others are further down the line. 

This means that in any significant dispute there are no Good sides, because all powerful/ wealthy/ famous/ high status persons and institutions are a part of The System - but there are better and worse evils. 

Because there is no side of Good in public discourse, Christians cannot actively support any side - because that would merely be to ally with one set of demons against another

But equally we can perceive that one side really is less bad than the other - and this discernment may be necessary in order to maintain a clear head in the maelstrom of claims and counter-claims that is modern discourse. 

What should be actually do - given that we are probably each alone and powerless? Well, what we most need to do is at the level of thinking - of primary thinking - and that is to seek understanding of our own exact and personal situation in the world; and what divine providence has put in our path. 

First understanding, and then? Well, if our thinking is aligned with God's motivation and love, and in harmony with divine creation - then (but only then) will we know. 

Actively - we must do some Good, not some lesser-evil. 

And that Good we can do (and are called to do, if we listen) is seldom or never at a large scale - and not at the level in which modern evil is operative. 

Yet (recall) any Good we do can - and will - be taken-up by God, amplified and disseminated according to divine strategy (which we need not know anything about). 

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Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from Todd:

"Thanks for this, Dr. C. The propaganda is hot and heavy as you can imagine. I just heard a US Senator on the state run propaganda network (known as NPR here) saying that a particular leader was evil to the core, a pit of absolute evil. It was actually sort of funny in a dark way, and I laughed. Is humor a normal response to this stuff, or am I going over the deep end?
I shall focus in the good I can do, and not participate in the madness."