Tuesday 1 March 2022

The buck stops with Satan: The craving for imperatives and the denial of responsibility

Our starting point (here-and-now) is a society of demotivation - because this is a 'materialist' society that understands all human existence to be bounded by birth and death, and ultimate reality to be without purpose or meaning. 

Of course we are demotivated! We live only for this life and only for pleasures and to avoid pain! 

Hence we are cowards, hence easily manipulated. 

Modern Men continue to function and to work; but lacking any sense of coherence their wills are passive. They are easy to manipulate both because they lack any deep or sustained motivations of-themselves; and this makes them crave external authority and imperatives. 

Modern Man does not want to choose with responsibility; because he is deeply insecure, incoherent, demotivated - thus he seeks to know "what I must do". 

He seeks to discover situations in which he can tell himself "there is no alternative". 

Only when there is "no alterative" can his feeble motivation be aroused; only then can he lose-himself in something he feels to be both objectively real, and bigger his own drifting desires. 

Modern man is therefore the buck-passer par excellence! 

Mass Man seeks to pass the buck of responsibility; and those who work to administer and rule the large human institutions do likewise.

Everybody, up to the 'highest' level of power that we can see (e.g. multi-national, national and corporate leaders), tries to pass-on that buck of deep and personal responsibility - they think and do because "there is no alternative" - never because they personally so choose, from their deepest selves. 

If you work in any bureaucracy - and the whole world is now one giant composite-linked bureaucracy - you will seek in vain for anyone who freely chooses, who acknowledges his own agency. Bureaucracy is a world in which 'authority' comes from obeying somebody else.    

The mainstream religions all play-into this passing of the buck. They exert their authority as being agents of the necessary, the unavoidable, what Must Be. Their 'leaders' defer to the authority of some committee, some vote, some external abstraction...

And therefore, in practice - and since 2020 very obviously - the mainstream religions slot-into the hierarchy of buck-passing. 

Mainstream religions are about believing somebody else - religions are become bureaucracies of belief; thus they complement and pseudo-validate the bureaucratic world of obeying somebody else. 

So, in this world we dwell in a vast system of obedience and denial of responsibility - but at the same time we see greater uniformity of propaganda and ideology than ever before. We have a global totalitarianism - vast monitoring, censorship, control, coercion - yet no (visible) global dictator

No dictator, no supreme committee; yet in in such a world as we inhabit to exist, where everybody claims to obey somebody else - we can see that everybody is also clearly obeying some-thing! 

That some-thing which The System obeys is not explicit, cannot precisely be identified - nobody even claims to be IT. There are no picture of IT, no speeches, no statements from IT...

Yet there must-be an IT. 

And of course there is, and it is Satan.

...Which explains why every global strategy or belief-complex, every world-wide obsession or motivation propagated by mass media and official channels, is always evil. 

The people seek to be led, and their leader seek to be led; the buck is passed onward and upwards until eventually is reached  - one who is not human, nor a person, and not embodied.

One who has no interest in being known or identified as The Leader; and every reason for keeping this fact secret.

(Except, presumably, from his most devoted and loyal servants - whose obedience is so total as to amount to possession.)  

Suddenly it makes sense! Suddenly we see where we end-up when everybody absolutely refuses to take personal responsibility for ultimate beliefs and aspirations; and when the churches do likewise. 

It was made clear enough to Christians at the very beginning that each would need to made a free choice from-himself, and would not be able to rely upon external authority - whether secular or religious - for ultimate guidance. 

Yet Christianity was instead made into a machine of imperatives - a System of what-must-be and cannot-be-otherwise. And - above all - obedience to these imperatives was required of Christians. 

Our come-uppance is that this machine of obedience and buck-passing has now been taken-over, subverted, and integrated into the global machine - The System.

So that all external obedience now converges upon Satan

The buck stops with Satan; and nearly-all the world (including the churches) agrees that this is as things should be. 

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whitney said...

Satan is the big one for people, the big hindrance, they just cannot believe that there is a powerful conscious being directing unredeemed humanity but for me, on the path from atheism to Christianity, I believed in Satan before God. I saw it. I saw the generational evil that was too complex for humans to come up with and maintain on their own. And now that it's become abundantly obvious to everyone, and predicted and written down thousands of years ago, I see people that I read try to explain it away. I can't really give a coherent description of what they think because I don't think it is coherent, I look at it pretty much the same way I do the multiverse and aliens. It's a fantasy to try to avoid the obvious. Once you start believing in Satan, God becomes pretty obvious.