Thursday 10 March 2022

The inversion of objectivity

Objectivity has always proved difficult/ impossible to define philosophically; but it used to have the operational definition that it referred to public and interpersonal discourse, and was achieved when 'everybody' believed some-thing was true.

Thus; a thing was 'objectively' true when there was unanimity of explicitly asserted belief. 

Or, perhaps (in cases of disagreement) especially public unanimity among those of higher cognitive ability who were more-than-usually informed on the matter in hand. 

But now public unanimity - especially among 'experts' - means the opposite! 

It means that the thing being asserted is Not true. 

As of 2022: Public Unanimity = Objectivity = Falsity

This is a clear instance of the transcendental-value inversion that characterizes end-stage demonic evil; in that Truth is one of the transcendent Goods, and we have here reached the situation where official-Truth actually means un-Truth. 

We got here via several decades of the subversion of Truth; where high status persons and institutions taught that 'truth' was relative, a matter of opinion merely; and that everybody's 'truth' was 'valid' (but especially the 'truth' of members of an official leftist victim-category). 

Having reduced truth to mere assertion; the concept has been hijacked by global totalitarian power - which ensures that people unanimously agree on Their version of the 'truth' - or else

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