Friday 25 March 2022

The Pope's Lady Day consecration

What are serious Christians to make of the intention of the Pope to 'consecrate' the Fire Nation today? - which is Lady Day.

...The day when Catholics celebrate the 'annunciation' (announcement) when the Blessed Virgin Mary is believed to have conceived Jesus (i.e. nine calendar months before Christmas day). 

Is this consecration-business a Good Thing? Or evil? Or is it a trivial distraction?

As usual, nowadays, the discernment is easy; despite that so many seem to fail the test. 

By a Good Thing - we refer to its motivations. We are asking: are the motivations Good? Which translates as: are the motivations towards alignment with God?

And the answer is obviously No

But why?

1. Provenance. This supposed consecration comes from one of The Global Establishment centres; from one of their major spokesmen.

2. Motivation. The timing of this consecration is politically-motivated; triggered by the Fire Nation attack last month.

3. Content.

This is the 'prayer' which is asserted to accomplish this consecration. Read it if you can (it is long, sprawling, and very boring). 

Discerning this an of evil intent is child's-play. In form and content it displays the hallmarks of a System-bureaucratic, New World Order - hence Satanic - production. 

Long when it should be short, unfocused when it should be precise, ambiguous where it should be precise, devious when it needs to be plain, studded with ephemeral leftist jargon, ugly when it should be a thing of beauty...

And the overall message is 'peaceifism'.

So, given that it is not intended to achieve any kind of consecration; what is the purpose of this exercise: what is it intended to accomplish? Two things, mainly: 

First the harm of those who pray it. This kind of prayer is ineffectual in terms of its claimed objectives, but participation in this kind of Black Mass inversion of Christian ritual is subversive of salvation. 

And secondly - this is intended to insert a wedge into the Great Schism - driving further apart Roman and Orthodox Catholics: to set Christian against Christian. 

This Catholic-versus-Catholic strategy has already proceeded rapidly over the past month (driven by the converged Roman Magisterium). 'Fire Nation attack' has quickly emerged as yet another Litmus Test of Christians, especially traditional Roman Catholics, leading (apparently) many into taking sides with the 100% Satanic-evil Globalists and wildly-demonizing the less-evil (less value-inverted and significantly more Christian) Fire Nation. 


So the pseudo-Christian, actually evil-motivated, 'consecration' today is not a trivial distraction but an invitation to participate in a corrupt inversion of Truth. 

The 'prayer' encourages converged-churchianism rather than Christianity; apostasy rather than conversion; and the peaceifism of allegiance to the inverted-value totalitarian system of the Western Establishment - and desire that it defeat and annihilate the Fire Nation qua nation.  

Of course it does! Consider who produced it and what it says - and doesn't?

This discernment is not difficult; but it is a Test - sorting-out the real Christians among Roman Catholics from those whose allegiance is merely to the current leadership of a (now) this-worldly and evil-allied global/ist institution. 

(And these Tests will just keep on coming. Be prepared and stay alert.)


Luke said...

Am I the only one who had never heard the Feast of the Annunciation called Lady Day until recently? Is it more of a European Catholic phrase?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Luke - Follow the link. That's what it's for!