Tuesday 8 January 2019

A population of self-styled victims looking for excuses to reject truth

I am not optimistic about the necessary spiritual awakening in England, because we are mostly a population that are, as individuals, looking for excuses Not to do what we Need to do.

Of course, we are swimming in a mas/social-media and bureaucratic sea of evil-tending propaganda; but the fact is that most people are very keen to accept this; because a key tenet of their core beliefs is that individuals are not responsible for what they think, say or do. Somebody else is always to blame.

The tenor of modernity - mostly indirectly, but sometimes quite explicitly - is that we 'can't help' it, ever - where 'it' can be almost anything. And 'you can't help it' is a message that almost everybody is desperate to hear, for one thing or another; and if for one thing, then sooner-or-later for all things.

The deal is: you get let off the hook for this; if you agree to support others being let off the hook for that.

Every-body is thus encouraged to see himself as a helpless victim - a help-seeking victim; and is rewarded for doing so. The deal is that if I am a victim, everybody is a victim; and therefore everybody needs to be protected from everybody else; everybody needs to be helped.

But where does help come from (in a world of victims)? Well, the only sure answer is that everybody must be made to help everybody else: hence the totalitarian society we inhabit, hence its becoming ever more totalitarian.

Because, only an all-knowing, all-powerful unified state can monitor all injustices, and have the power to set all wrongs to right.

Only an impersonal, bureaucratic state can escape the facts that all are both victims and oppressors. Ultimately, only an inhuman 'artificial intelligence' will be regarded as sufficiently authoritative to wield the absolute power (over human thought) we all demand is necessary...

Of course such supposed 'impersonality' has been, is, and always will be a fake. In reality matters are run by the Establishment for personal agendas; which is why it is now forbidden to notice any purpose behind the bad things that happen.

Behind the Establishment stand the immortal demonic powers, responsible for the strategy that spans many human generations, and has persuaded the ruling human elites to behave 'unselfishly'; their policies of 'social justice' inevitably destroying their own later lives and cultural legacies - destroying everything they claim to value most...

This world is supposed to operate only on the basis of a mixture of selfishness and 'random', purposeless chaos. The totalitarian regime implicitly claims to transcend this, and to impose benign order by being impersonal (hence not a conspiracy). Until we are induced to accept a facade of impersonal artificial intelligence, we have bureaucracy.

This fake-impersonality is the function of the large committee/ vote based institutions - governments, executive boards, the European Union, the United Nations etc. - these massive institutions appear impersonal, claim therefore to be impersonally unselfish; and therefore are seen as morally superior to any actual individual human.

Thus the nonsense; but each individual person who chooses to say he has no alternative but to accept this nonsense, is lost. In trying to avoid responsibility, in his passion to be a victim; he has not merely lost but destroyed himself.

So it goes. We can't fix the world: true. Individuals just are free, and if they - en masse - freely choose death rather than Heavenly Life Eternal; they can and will do so.

So, our only necessary decision is what we, each, personally are going to do about it in our own lives.


Francis Berger said...

My past experience as a high school teacher in what are described as disadvantaged areas showed me this learned helplessness is purposefully ingrained into people at a very young age. By the time students reached me in grade nine, they had the whole not accepting responsibility for what they think or how they act routine down to a fine art (discounting, of course, the natural extremes of emotion that seem to be an inherent part of adolescence).

As for blaming others, this was most definitely part of the program in the areas I worked in the United States (Bronx and Queens in New York City). Practically all the students I taught fit into the "visible minority" or "people of color" categories, and they were actively encouraged to see themselves as victims and blame others for all of their own and society's failings. In this case, the ones to blame were most often the visible majority or people of non-color(?).

Of course, learned helplessness is not restricted to minorities and poor people. As you mention, everyone - regardless of background, status, or wealth - is actively encouraged to see himself or herself as a victim of someone else today; hence, everything - religion, God, nation, family, marriage, sexuality, gender, work, beauty, body-size etc., - are unsympathetically viewed sources of oppression. As you point out, this is ultimately a destructive attitude to hold, but people are addicted to it all the same.

On a side note, I worked for a short time in a high school in a small, impoverished mining town north of Newcastle, England. I observed the same sort of helplessness there, but I was struck by the phrase "can't be bothered", which students employed with irritating frequency as an all-purpose answer to any questions regarding their lack of personal responsibility. I only mention it because it adds another dimension to the aspect of looking for excuses. Whenever a student muttered "I can't be bothered" in response to my questions regarding incomplete work or inappropriate behavior, I was always struck by the idea that the student had moved beyond excuse mode into something even more perturbing. At first I ascribed the phrase to simple rebelliousness or insubordination, but the utter apathy and helplessness with which most students spoke the phrase made me realize something far deeper and more pernicious was at play.

Suffice it to say, I am happy I am no longer a high school teacher.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Francis - As so often, England is at the cutting edge of corruption...