Friday 18 January 2019

Why invent the Far Right White Supremacists? Fake opposition is mainly for controlling the Establishment minions, not the masses

The modern Western governments have taken a leaf from Orwell's 1984 where the nebulous, non-existent organisation of saboteurs led by Emmanuel Goldstein is created by the totalitarian state as an excuse for violent oppression.

But the modern Establishment have a different purpose in mind in creating, sustaining, and propagating their fake opposition of Far Right White Supremacists.

Instead of violent oppression of the masses, the modern fake opposition serves to discipline the millions of managerial minions who implement the Establishment's totalitarian strategy.

At the top, among the global ultra-elites, they know exactly what they are aiming-at and why; and they want it. But lower down the hierarchy, cooperation needs to be achieved by duping, bribing and intimidating.

It is important to prevent the armies of mid- and low-level totalitarian functionaries from noticing that they are engaged in building their own prison; therefore they need to be kept in a contiuous state of 'wartime' urgency by inducing then to regard themselves as fighting bogeymen.

The more nebulous the bogeymen, they more all pervasive and un-defeatable they seem to be. Every denial of reality of the opposition is seen as evidence of a system of lies. The lack of any official organisation means that the opposition must have a covert organisation.

The exclusion of opposition from the public arena - so that no explicit alternative ideas are allowed; leads to a fixation upon coded 'dog whistle' communications, and micro-aggressions. Once these subtle, indirect influences have become the focus of concern - they are found to be everywhere, all pervasive! (Plus undisproveable.)

And the fact that The Leftist Program is not met with immediate and universal welcome, the fact that some people show a decided lack of enthusiasm for, or even resist, this-month's initiatives; shows the scope of the opposition power, and their sinister capacity to seed hatred through society.

In the end, nothing short of total surveillance and total control will suffice to close-off all the boltholes of an imaginary opposition.


Michael Dyer said...

Paradoxically it’s creating actual white supremacists. There is a mind that reacts the opposite of whatever the establishment says, thinking that if the establishment says it must be wrong, forgetting that the best con men don’t lie about everything all the time because it doesn’t work. The conservative movement has come to mean “not the establishment left” and I’ve seen just a flood of genuinely racist cranks showing up who, and this is important, were not there before. Oftentimes a more genuine right winger is so scared of being called a coward that he doesn’t police them out.

Also paradoxically these RJWs are the same psychological type as SJWs. They’re just as touchy, adopt leftist tactics (“no enemies to the right” which means “I’m allowed to hit you you’re not allowed to hit me”), have the same mob mentality, same anti Jewish sentiments, same justifications for, and romanticizing of, group violence, etc. They just replace class struggle with racial struggle.

It’s like some dark incantation, the establishment wanted to see white supremacists who weren’t there until they actually were there.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Michael - I always reckon (from my epidemiological/ quant days studying surveys) that c. 15 percent of the population can be found to agree with *anything* - so there is a sense in which any assertion about the existence of any group is trivially true.

But the question is whether there is an actual group; as depicted in every second Hollywood, best selling novel or TV thriller.

Pseudonymous internet commenters espousing Far Right White Supremacist views are (like the Klan) either Leftist (often paid) agents provocateurs/ trolls; or else free-spinning cogs that are part of the 15%.

Michael Dyer said...

@Bruce, good point. No there's certainly no real group, they barely swung together a march at Charlottesville and they couldn't do it twice. I don't believe that they are actually controlled opposition, but it's like they played into every leftist stereotype and handed a tremendous propaganda victory to the left.

Tom Rogers said...

@Michael Dyer

[quote]"They just replace class struggle with racial struggle."[unquote]

Which is wrong why?

Bruce Charlton said...

@TR - It is merely replacing one wrong with another. To build one's world view around class or race struggle (or sex struggle or the sexual revolution...) is to be leftist, is to be anti-Christian.