Sunday 27 January 2019

What makes a conspiracy theory?

Continuing my discussion of why there is currently such a Big Thing (and such obviously self-contradiction) in the mainstream media, official bureaucracies and academia; focused-on mocking, slurring, suppressing, attacking, and legislating-against so-called conspiracy theorists...

In a nutshell - this coordinated movement is strategic, in pursuit of a long term goal which is that:

On one side The Establishment want us always to believe the official narratives of public events (even when we know nothing about it); and on the other side never to believe common sense and our personal experience (except when confirmed by the official story). 

Hostility to conspiracy theories is therefore a surface symptom of a very deep - and so far extremely successful - social manipulation of human thinking.

There are many official narratives - about which ordinary people have zero direct knowledge or information - that people are expected to believe or else be regarded as literally insane, dumb and/or evil; while on the other hand there are things that everybody knows from their own daily life, believing which is subjected to unconstrained (and escalating) abuse, persecution, and legal sanctions.

The crucial point about conspiracy theories is what is being denied, rather than what is being proposed. Because it is denying the official narrative that must be made taboo.

So, for example, when conspiracy theorists refuse to believe the official narrative about the JFK assassination, or the moon landing, or the events of 9/11, or the honesty of an election - the problem is not what alternative understandings are being proposed; but simply that the person is not accepting what they have been told (or more exactly, since the narrative changes, what they are currently being-told). 

On the other side, no matter how much direct experience we have about, say, the psychological and physical differences between men and women; this is regarded as strictly-and-intrinsically-worthless.

Worthless because why? Well, any fake rationale will suffice - it is anecdotal, subject to personal bias and prejudice, due to selective and uncontrolled observation, incompetent, concealing of a hidden agenda etc - even though such criticisms always apply equally and more to the official narrative.

This ais all-about the totalitarian strategy for The West; because for totalitarianism to work, the official narrative must be pervasive and mandatory. Personal judgement must be discredited and eliminated.

In sum - we are supposed to believe absolutely in matters we have no way of knowing-about (except via the mass media and mainstream bureaucracies); and all other beliefs are to be made subject to this imperative.

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