Sunday 27 January 2019

Remembering the creator...

By William Arkle - The loving creator is always with us - in person, and in every-thing 

William Wildblood's book Remember the Creator will be available at the end of March and can be pre-ordered.

William has hit upon an excellent and valuable title, I think; because - when combined with an implicit understanding of God as our loving Father and we His children - it is perhaps the best short description of The Human Condition from a Christian perspective.

Indeed, I have found 'remember the creator' to be a useful mantra; to be recalled and repeated whenever (which happens every day) I find myself alienated and disaffected. I can recall that God is here, and is there - made this and sustains that.

This world is a created-world; and the creator is Our Father.

And I often combine this brief 'meditation' with thinking-about one of William Arkle's painting of faces or figures above (or embracing) landscapes and people; patiently waiting to be noticed, recognised and remembered.

What this exercise accomplishes is a metaphysical reframing; by which I see my life in a top-down yet detailed fashion, that makes it more important than with a worms-eye view; and yet puts that importance into an even larger importance.

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