Friday 25 January 2019

Bureaucracy and the mass media - elephants in the room

I find it astonishing but significant that when people talk about socio-political trends they will mention concepts such as capitalism, free-markets, socialism, the sexual revolution, moral relativism, feminism, antiracism, the counter-culture etc...

But they don't mention the largest, most expanded, most pervasive and intrusive phenomena - bureaucracy and the mass media.

Bureaucracy is everywhere, in every public organisation, and all bureaucracies (supernational, government, private, NGO) are cross-linked into a global web.

Consequently; everything is nowadays run by managers, and being-some-kind-of-a-manager is by far the most prevalent occupation among the middle and upper classes.

As for the mass media (including social media) - well, suffice to say that it is now everywhere and (nearly) all-the-time.

That By Far the two Biggest Facts about modern life get entirely left-out of social analysis is... interesting.

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