Wednesday 30 January 2019

Leftism is evil - literally, metaphysically

My conviction that Leftism is evil can be explained quite briefly.

Firstly, I define evil as that which opposes the Good; and the origin of Good is God. Thus the root of Leftism is historically, and by primary motivation, opposition to God (specifically, the Christian God - our loving Father and the creator).

(This is why non-Christians are mostly, more-or-less incapable of defining, understanding or recognising evil.) 

The way that Leftism operates is to pervert the spiritual into the material. Spiritual 'goods' are made evil by being remade in material form.

An example is the spiritual fact that all men are brothers and sisters; this is perverted into political equality. Another spiritual good is the sexual and creative love of husband and wife - this is reduced into the massively-promoted and enforced materialism that sex = love, love is good, therefore sex is good.

So Leftism is metaphysically evil, because its underlying assumptions are that Life is only-material and restricted to mortality - thereby excluding the divine source of Goodness.

It is literally evil because materialist Leftism is strategically implemented by immortal spiritual beings, demons, fallen angels - and this explains why Leftism can be perceived to have been working to an over-arching plan across many human generations.

So it is not Leftist people or policies that are necessarily evil (and these are almost never totally-evil); it is Leftism itself - the strategy, the plan, the intention and motivations - that is purely, metaphysically and literally evil.


William Wildblood said...

The phrase "in a nutshell" presents itself!

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Thank you.

That is why I often return to restate the same basic argument in different ways: the more briefly it can be stated, the better I can grasp it - and I hope others also find it so.

Brief Outlines said...

Hi Bruce

I think I have an idea of the intuition you are describing here.
I say "I think" because I am not quite sure what you mean by "leftism".
By "leftism" I am understanding you as meaning "manipulative mainstream media" - "atheism" - "opportunist politicians" - "utopian-ism" - "hedonism"... in short, everything that comes out of materialism...

basically, everything that our modern pop-culture is.

Yet the term "Leftist" has come to also mean "anyone who cares about the well-being and exploitation of others". (Why one side of the political debate has taken ownership over such a basic moral intuition is beyond me - but the point is, that is what has happened and so I think the terminology needs defining properly to avoid misunderstanding)

Best wishes


Bruce Charlton said...

@Ama - I have written two mini-books about Leftism - Thought Prison, and Addicted to Distraction, they are available free linked from the sidebar.

Leftism *now* includes the entirety of mainstream politics - including conservative, republican, nationalist and libertarian - because its superficial ideal is that society should aim at this-worldly gratification. The only difference between the mainstream groups is how the gratification should be attained, and which groups have priority.

The opposite of Leftism is 'religion' - that ultimately society should be 'organised' for religious goals, with reference to eternity and not only mortal lives.

But as Leftism has evolved over the past 250 years or so, it has become clear that its positive goals are fake, and its true nature is to oppose the Good and its source: God.

Brief Outlines said...

Many thanks, that clears it up a lot. I get the feeling that you might agree with Terry Boardman, when he says the new conflict will not be the left vs the right, but rather it will be a war between those who see life as being spiritual, and those who see it as being material.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ama - Yes, I am certainly in (broad) agreement with Terry Boardman - one of my favourite living Englishman!