Tuesday 29 January 2019

Wildblood on Brexit

In response to something I posted earlier by Andy Thomas; William Wildblood provides a wide-ranging and far-seeing account of the Brexit question, over at Albion Awakening.

Here is an excerpt:

Britain is part of Europe. It always has been and it always will be. Leaving the E.U. does not mean leaving Europe even if that were possible. Our whole life has been bound up with the continent for our entire history. Our culture is a European one, unthinkable without huge influences from mainland Europe which have enriched us enormously.

And yet we are an island. Materialists will consider this completely irrelevant. But people who believe in God and think that he has a reason for things being as they are will pause for thought.

We have been set apart. Yes, that can lead to an attitude of arrogant self-satisfaction but then beauty can lead to vanity. It doesn't mean that beauty is a bad thing.

We have been set apart and many of us sense that we do indeed have a special mission, hinted at in our traditions and legends. What that mission may be, no one is completely sure but it has risen to the surface occasionally...

Read the whole thing...

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