Wednesday 24 June 2020

A genuine (small, but infinitely significant) Spiritual Awakening really is happening

In these End Times it is necessary to acknowledge that evil lying corruption is the New Normal. For maybe the first time in the history of the world, a large majority of the people (and certainly Far more numerically than ever before) have actively taken the side of Satan in the spiritual war.

Yet, at the same time I am absolutely Sure that there really is an awakening of a small minority of people - meaning that they have recently become aware of the triumph of evil, and that the rulers and majority of ruled are indeed insane. And without the current frenzy of gloves-off demonism, it would not have happened.

This awakening is largely a private and personal thing - it does not register statistically being swamped by the tsunami of cynical vileness; yet the sheer rapidity and size of this rising-tidal wave has been such as to shake some people into a recognition of what has been here for a long time, but previously almost undetected.

In other words, souls have been saved, more souls are being saved; and we need to remember that every single saved soul is of infinite importance - because Heavenly life is eternal.

This will not affect the accelerating progress of evil towards ever more chaos, collapse, fear, resentment, spite, and despair - the material world is lost; our culture and civilization is doomed (including the economy, science-technology, health care, education and the rest of it). All of these are on the way out at a rate that is increasing by the day.

But these are secondary. One vital side-effect of the 2020 coup that we should not fail to notice, is therefore that it has never been easier to attain salvation and eternal life.

The contrast between the gift of Jesus which we shall all be able to choose after biological death, and the nihilistic hell which is all that this world has to offer, has never been more stark -- there has never been so little ambiguity All is being made black and white with no grey areas in between to confuse the issue. There have always been two sides in the spiritual war; but now that the side of darkness is so vast and so pervasive, even the tiniest gleam of light becomes blinding and visible from far-off.

That great weapon of blurring, confusion and misdirection that has seduced so many souls into unrepentant sin over the most recent generations has all-but disappeared.

It has never been easier to be good in our hearts; even as it has become all-but impossible to be good in our public actions.


Sean G. said...

Beautifully stated. The light really is blinding these days. Sometimes it's overwhelming (on the good days). Sitting on the fence is nearly impossible at this point. I thank God for allowing the birdemic/coup that forced me and others to take our salvation seriously. I feel that there are many more than out there than we might think—and more everyday.

Gary said...

This matches my observations as well.
There seem to be layers to choosing the right side. I have seen many who were sure the birdemic was apocalyptic, now angry andcynical towards TPTB. This realization is encouraging and necessary but nowhere near being enough.
The next step is to understand why TPTB are doing what they are doing, and this is perhaps the big chasm... I believe for many people, they will simply stay in stage one, and think that the solution is to "reform the system".
But the system is showing it´s utter incapacity for self-sustenance and sanity at such an alarming rate and in such an alarming manner, that I think eventually a larger percentage than every before will also turn away from "system reforming" as the right answer to the situation.
They may then turn to "prepping". I heard a respected, 65 year old doctor, pillar of the small local establishment, wondering out loud, and earnestly, whether it might be a good idea to collect seeds because the "world is going mad". This was an astounding comment.
But even then, an awareness of the scope of the collapse will turn the more realistic, towards the need to prepare inwardly for the reality of a world they really were not expecting at all - where even "prepping" is still unsatisfying.
And at this point, since there is nothing "out there" in the World which can help them, they may be forced to their knees in a last cry for help.
And then, in this state of utter humility and acknowledgment of helplessness, the Light may be seen, and be embraced....

Sean Fowler said...

I wrote that I’d observed this seeds of this phenomenon beginning to germinate months ago and that evil was the cause of the awakening. You were quite merciless in your criticism back then Bruce🙂❤️ If you don’t mind me saying so.

Anonymous said...

In response to a woman angry about prepping and preppers, I asked for her reasoning. She became very angry. Calmly asking for what is going on behind the anger and sending a sense of acceptance to her, she calmed down and followed her anger equating preppers with Ruby Ridge types. 1 to 10 on the Richter Scale. Noting that prepping is a gradient of preparedness, I suggested that what we are seeing with the obsessive prepping is a hole in the soul, and an attempt to fill that hollowness with materialist stuff hoping to be safe yet taking one’s attention away from evil on the march. And our soul need to turn to our Creator. Preparedness is a good thing, a reasonable response to this world, as long as it does not consume one and morph into fear the mind killer. And that’s just what evil They want. What a fine line.
PS: More of us see evil on the march. And, Yes, the coup has already happened. Now chaos. Making a deal with the devil never ever works well. Appeasement and sucking up only results in his disdain and his destruction of the inverted foot washing weak. They taste like sugar smacks to him.
Bruce….thank you for your efforts and time to clarify. You strengthen so many of us. Also, thank you for introducing me to Francis and William. The Gospel of John. Yours respectfully...
Range Front Fault
Southern Utah

Bruce Charlton said...

@Sean F - That's because I don't think it was happening *months* ago, I think it is recent, not many weeks!

In general it seems to me necessary to distinguish what I am saying here from the idea of a broad and potentially effectual *societal* awakening and reversal, which I thought was possible although extremely improbable - but now I do not even think it is possible.

Ingemar said...

Dear Bruce,

Totally cosign on everything you have said here. The only bit that I would add (since it's a daily a problem of mine) is that the evil one can use your "righteousness" against you. It has been a struggle trying to argue my position to my relatives, the majority who can't (or won't) see the peril they are being led-into. This can lead to resentment, wrath and pride which ultimately form a scenic route into the gates of Hell.

The strategy I have now employed is to D I S E N G A G E from these controversies. Disengage, but don't let respect of men influence my thinking. I've said all that I could have said and left on a note of fraternal love. Salvation is not about my efforts with regard to them, but the working of God in their lives and up to their decision. I can act as an instrument of God's saving power but it is ultimately He, not me, that saves them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@I - I don't think spiritual pride is much of a temptation for most people, since they don't tell anyone what is in their hearts; and because Christian (as opposed to other religions) spirituality is now a mark of stigma rather than of status.

Karl said...

"our culture and civilization is doomed (including the economy, science-technology, health care, education and the rest of it)"

Present culture is rotten and present civilization not all that civilized. I expect collapase and a dark age, but I am also confident that our grandchildren will restore a Christian Europe. I don't think that anybody old enough to read now will live long enoght to see this restoration, but your statement seems to point in a different direction. Did I misunderstand or are you really suggesting that we live in the end times?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Karl - My personal belief is that (at least) a large majority of those alive now will die soon, one way or another.

Jacob Gittes said...

I'm going to treat this time more as a spiritual adventure. It really is an adventure, isn't it? Fraught with hidden dangers, demons, surprises, and almost impossible odds.
Except that any one of us can choose faith, God, love, and belief in our Lord Jesus Christ.
And let that outer fear, which is kind of like a fire, dissipate by not feeding the flames.

Ingemar said...

But that is true of every era, peaceful or not. Do you mean that the majority will not make it to die peacefully in old age?

lgude said...

Everything in Bruce's post and in the comments engages my current concerns. Yes the great pandemic coup of 2020 has had the inevitable unintended side effect of Red Pilling people with quite different perceptions of the world. For years I have been at what Gary calls 'stage one' believing that the system can be reformed. Now I think it is much more a question of how much will collapse and how fast. I got into prepping in late Feb when I learned the Coronavirus disproportionately killed older men like myself with other medical problems - pacemaker controlled AF in my case. I bought up canned food and even bought an oxygen generation from China. But I saw my heart wasn't in it because the 'hole in my soul' that Range Front Fault mentions wasn't bottomless, and that I was able to return to my task of being a pilgrim on the way to the heavenly city. Death would come in its own good time and God's. Like Ingemar I am struggling to find a place of fraternal love with my son and sister regarding our different views of the current chaos. Some progress was made in my last conversation with my son when he said that I was so good at arguing that he felt he couldn't get through to me. I can change that! So I am working very hard to stop arguing and instead write to him in the spirit of a father trying as honestly as can to pass on his political and social experiences before they are gone. I agree with Ingemar that my son's salvation is between him and God, but he is my son and for me one of the duties of a Christian is to do everything I can to show by word and by example that Salvation is greater than all the evil and andpasses all understanding and is actually available to each of us.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ing - Yes, that's what I mean. That billions of people (at least) will soon die.

Brief Outlines said...

Brilliant. Thank you.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

@BC - "...billions of people (at least) will soon die." I wouldn't doubt that, but I am baffled by the 'at least' bit. There are only billions of us, obviously you aren't saying trillions of us will die. That leads me to think you are suggesting a possible complete extinction of humanity sometime 'soon'?