Wednesday 10 June 2020

We must meet understanding halfway

A great and vital insight that I got from Rudolf Steiner is that - however it may have been in the past - here and now, we must meet things halfway.

That is, we need consciously and actively to seek and choose that which we need; whether that be understanding or God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost.

We cannot sit back and expect to have the truth and goodness passively and unconsciously forced upon us.

We must become aware of and voluntarily choose to know and to believe in eternal resurrected life in Heaven, and the presence of the divine in our lives.

And must means Must. Or else we shall surely become sucked-into the evil that waxes all around us.

Note: The 'heart thinking' I have written about recently is distinguished from 'gut-thinking' or spontaneous innate instinct, by exactly this. Heart thinking (aka 'intuition' in this meaning) is conscious and chosen, whereas instinct works often without our knowledge or consent.


lgude said...

Yes, instinct has both led me toward and away from heart thinking. Same with conceptual or traditional academic thinking. My experience is that heart thinking is difficult initially to even notice and as you say we must "actively to seek and choose that which we need." It also immediately obvious if we begin to experience it, that it has come by Grace and not just from our own efforts. Yup - meet it half way is what we have to do.

David Earle said...

I had a thought today that the more aligned you are with Christ and your conviction for life everlasting, the more capable you are of discovering and accepting the Truth of this world and what is happening.

Because for many people, the Truth really hurts and is best avoided.