Tuesday 23 June 2020

The Boromir Strategy revisited: or, the spiritual war is primarily spiritual (not political)

Assertions of spiritual war against the truth of Christianity and the Heavenly resurrection that Jesus offers; will inevitably be regarded as sick, paranoid, persecutory delusions by the dominant, mainstream, secular-materialist majority. That, or regarded as dishonest manipulation, insanity, or sheer foolishness.

Since the spiritual realm is denied reality in all power-full public discourse, since Christianity is seen as Nothing But a socio-political phenomenon - then any damage to Christianity from the totalitarian Global Establishment will only be regarded by the mainstream as collateral damage, accidental to some other prime purpose...

But if spiritual war is real, and if The Enemy is indeed behind the successful 2020 international coup and current-escalating systematic subversion of social cohesion (e.g. Project Fear, Project Resentment, Project Despair) -- then Christianity will be the true (albeit deniable) focus of all major political change. 

By this analysis; the Main Thing about the past few months has been the closure of the Christian churches, the cessation of their core activities. This has been a devastating blow against actual Christians.

This strategy has been most effective against the Catholic churches that were historically the most interwoven with 'the State'; churches which are built around the priesthood, ritual, symbolism and specific consecrated buildings (churches, cathedrals, monasteries, temples etc); since it is the material side which is easiest to suppress.

But even if you are a low church Protestant or unaffiliated Christian; you should bear in mind that the three largest international denominations are Episcopal (i.e. administered by Bishops): The Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican. So, if not an actual majority, still a very large proportion of the world's serious Christians have-been and are severely affected by the recent suppression.

And even the most low church/ home church Protestants are severely affected by the rules against gathering, and the physical separation of all (middling, respectable) people; because of course, there are many exemptions. No Christians are to be exempted, in the end. It's just that the Powers of Evil have to start somewhere; and the converged Establishment leaderships of Episcopal churches make them an easier target.

There it is pretty much a case of Job Done. The Christian churches are here-and-now at the lowest ebb in their history. Next, the Powers of Evil will move on to suppressing the other social manifestations of Christianity: meeting, Bibles, prayer, teaching, theology. Wedges will be inserted; divisions made and widened; Christian set-against Christian... 

In a nutshell, if you agree with me that serious Christians are to be found spread across many denominations (including, I assert, many of those regarded as 'heretical' or 'cultish' or in some way unsound by the mainstream - distinctions which I believe mainly served the corrupt, now utterly discredited, church leaderships); then serious Christians should not let Them drive a spiritual wedge between Us.

At the spiritual level, it really is Us against Them: Us being all serious Christians of all kinds; Them being Satan, the demons, the Global Establishment who serve them, and the mass Godless majority who obey them, and believe whatever they are being told today...

(Some souls have been sold, the majority surrendered.)

And the war is spiritual.

We must therefore discern Good from evil (because the mass majority as well as leadership are on the wrong side). But, on the one hand, Christians should Not discern on the basis of those Political Categories by which They are dividing Us (class, sex, race, sexuality)...

While, on the other hand, we should not be manipulated into supporting evil by the fact that our discernment is spiritual rather than political.

The refusal of serious Christians to be spiritually divided from brothers and sisters in Christ on the basis of spiritual categories means opposing any political agenda based on these categories.

Do not get drawn into the Boromir Strategy!

You cannot use the One Ring to fight the Dark Lord, who made it. You cannot use political categories such as aristocracy, patriarchy, nationalism or race/ism to fight the Left; because ultimately all primary politics is of-the-Left: on the side of the Dark Lords. 

Again: all those who discern primarily by Political categories, are on the side of the Enemy - even when they favour those categories that are (apparently) against the Leftist Establishment.

The primary battle of the spiritual war is to assert the primacy of the spiritual.


William Wildblood said...

Thank you, Bruce. We need to be reminded of this at a time of the destruction of so much that many of us regard as good and important. Our countries are being torn to pieces at the present time and it's very easy to be pulled down into anger at this. That is doubtless the intention, to lure those serious about spiritual things into worldly concerns and we must make sure it doesn't happen to us by focusing always on the only true and lasting realities. This really is the Last Battle and even though worldly Narnia is destroyed the real Narnia will endure always.

John Fitzgerald said...

Yes. 100% right. A Harvard based writer yesterday called on Twitter for the destruction of statues and stained glass images which show Jesus, Our Lady, the Saints, etc, as white Europeans. His name's Shaun King if anyone wants to find him. Unfortunately this is getting a lot of traction on Twitter and elsewhere. Sounds like 'phase 2' after Coronavirus to me. Lots of other statues are getting the treatment as well, of course, and are being allowed to fall by the authorities. But what, as you suggest, it's the Christian imagery, not politicians and slave owners and so on that's the real target? We'll have to see how it pans out but it seems hard to see it as anything other at the moment to be honest.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William and John

I think one thing that the powers of evil hope for, is that when - for example - statues and stained glass windows of 'white' Jesus are removed (and, presumably, destroyed); Christians will believe (in their hearts) that is necessary And A Good Thing *because* the antiracist agenda is more important to them than Jesus.

The corruption is to believe that this species of iconoclasm is neccessary for Political moral reasons, which are felt as primary.

(We always need to focus on the motivation - not on the specific act.)

I think the birdemic already achieved this in quite a lot of people.

For instance, a devout Catholic ought (presumably) to believe that the sacraments of the church (especially Mass) are more important than anything else; yet many Catholics have agreed that it was A Good Thing to suspend the sacraments in order to (as they were told) reduce the rate of transmission of an epidemic.

This is (for a devout Catholic) a straightforward assertion of the primacy of This World, of materialism, of mortal life - above eternity.

I believe that this (and similar analogous things, for other types of Christian) has broken the spirit of many Christians and made them (in reality) ex-Christians - unless they repent, of course.

In a sense, most Protestants have already done an analogous apostasy by allowing the Bible to be rewritten in-line-with political correctness. Or adopting priestesses for socio-political (not spiritual) reasons. We Anglicans have done the same with rewriting the liturgy (The Book of Common Prayer) - and indeed this has been going-on for decades.

As I say, the reality of the situation is in the true, inner motivation. Of course, all of these things are deniable with varying degrees of plausibility; but (to return to the RCC) I think the Fact is that many Catholics were happy to avoid Mass because they didn't believe the Mass really did anything of value for them, and by avoiding it they believed they were 'safer'. For others, they were wavering on this point; but the birdemic pushed them onto the side of materialism and politics (and evil).

This is why discernment is vital. Until each person knows 'what is Really going on' he will not repent, because he will see no need and feel no desire to repent.

Ranger said...

We are now at the moment when Mark Studdock has to spit and insult the Cross in "That Hideous Strength". The only thing I am still not sure of is if that moment has just passed, and our society has chosen to spit on Christ, or if it's fast approaching.

Gary said...

My two key takeaways from the post & comments so far:
1. All (no exceptions) of the categories being used by the System to determine what-to-do-next are anti-Christian. And by Anti-Christian, is meant pointed straight at, and against, the reality of Christian salvation and exaltation.
We should therefore A) Prepare ourselves, starting yesterday, for a spiritual life which will be forcibly deteriorated (even further) on a material plane, B) Avoid at all costs trying to use the System´s categories in order to gain any sort of spiritually meaningful understanding.
2. Motivation is Key, you need to have a grasp for the psychology of people in order to know whether something is Good or evil (of course this is necessary but not sufficient). No intention or justification can be accepted purely on the grounds of what is being said, because what is being said (by the powerful) is designed to be ambiguous, changeable at the drop of a hat with plausible deniablity, and allowing for openness to multiple consequences according to the people´s reaction to the original statement. In other words, it is spiritual quicksand and nothing solid can be built upon it (this is by design). This is actually typical managerialism, which any office servant should be familiar with, and the ability to effectively wield which is the biggest determinant of promotion.
We should therefore learn to discern by motivation and not by stated intent, because stated intent is couched in managerialese, which is designed to be exclusively politically pragmatic, not to be saying anything significant about the Real World (and this fact in an of itself reveals its intrinsic wickedness - it is an abuse of language directed at abusing the spiritual life of others, for the short-term material gain of the user).

These are notions which should become part and parcel of the "intuitively tested and validated" assumptions of all those on this side of the Great War, for they bring both clarity to the mind, and stop timewasting, which is a serious problem and the encouragement of which major tactic of the adversary. Espcially because timewasting is seldom just about wasting time but also about encouraging confusion, demoralization and serious errors.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary - Yes. Although perhaps it is not as difficult as it sounds. For example, anything written in managerialese or done in a managerialist fashion is of evil intent.

People find it difficult to accept this, because (for example) most churches now have Public Relations departments which communicate in managerialese, with spin and ambiguous (or mangerailly guarded) language - or use visual material with (deniable) Leftist symbolism and selective representation.

I'm afraid the proper inference is that communications of this kind are of evil intent and emanate from a net-evil system; even when they come from cherished institutions (such as churches) that you once admired and trusted (maybe a decade ago, maybe a year ago - maybe a week ago).

In our hearts I think we know this is true, but we feel that we should give the 'benefit of the doubt' to such institutions. However, with managerialese and the like there is no end to this giving the benefit of the doubt (until it is too late); and, honestly, there isn't really any doubt...

Anonymous said...

Ever since the COVID-1984 agenda started, I suspected the main purpose is predictive programming for the mark of the beast. In the US some churches and workplaces are reopening, though with all of the ridiculous birdemic measures in place. Taking people's temperatures before entry is the precursor to scanning the hand or forehead, I am guessing. So far the attack against Christianity has been indirect, but persecution of (true) Christians is the eventual goal and underlying motive.

Cererean said...

So it begins.

Using race/ism as the weapon has the advantage that it pits good (motivations) against good. If they tried using something straight up diabolical as the wedge issue, it would be easy to reject. But sincere Christians *should* examine their hearts and see if there is any hatred there, so using accusations of unconscious racism is quite effective.

Re. That Hideous Strength, such a strategy was used to corrupt Reverend Straik. He started as a good man, and was drawn in by the promise of making society better, as Jesus would have wanted. You can't corrupt good people by promising them power, or money. You have to slowly work on them, getting them to choose the lesser evil, until one day they are an utter scoundrel who is willing to burn people alive to build a better world.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Cer - Your general point is certainly correct - in that all effective evil must contain some good. I am, however, aware that too much is made about hate (and racism) being 'sins' - they aren't as such; but only a subsets of more general and theologically precise categories. The real sins are better described as resentment (which is, of course, being actively encouraged), envy, spite (a particularly nasty sin, that one). 'Racism' has, in actual usage, no coherence - is riven by lies and internal contradictions - so I would be unwilling to grant it any moral authority At All.

Dave said...

"Christians should Not discern on the basis of those Political Categories by which They are dividing Us (class, sex, race, sexuality)"

I understand up to a point but what is to be done when the English are being demographically replaced in England and the country's girls are targeted for organised sexual abuse (19,000 victims last year alone)?

David Earle said...

The more I think about Christianity and the deeper I dive, I am more and more convinced of its truth. I keep having revelation moments where I'm overwhelmed by how much I believe in God for a moment. It gives me clarity. I am transformed and I view the world different. God feels really present, if just for a moment.

Does this sound familiar to you? How can I get closer?

Bruce Charlton said...

@D. There is no motivation to do anything, because people are spiritually corrupt, therefore incapable of basic decency and common sense. Nothing can happen unless first the spirit becomes primary.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Isl - @I. My understanding is that your life will have its particular needs and possibilities. Your situation and experiences need to be 'noticed': learned from, explicitly and by conscious choice.

Alienation, deadness, detachment... These are among the experiences from which you must learn. Learning from experience is the proper framework for life, not seeking closeness-to-God as a goal. Closeness is more of a temporary reward (a by-product) than a potentially-permanent state; somewhat like being satisfied after eating, which always wears-off and hunger resumes.

Brief Outlines said...

"The primary battle of the spiritual war is to assert the primacy of the spiritual."
But what does that mean? If by "spiritual" you mean a system of values that aligns with the Christian teaching in the Bible, then why don't you just say, "the war is to assert the primacy of the bible"? If that is not what is meant, if what is meant is more like; "think for yourself and don't follow the herd" - then surely most people believe that they already think for themselves and are acting in accordance with what seems to them "good". In short, what does "spiritual" actually mean, and how does "the spiritual" manifest itself in the world if not politically?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Brief - Maybe you could do a word search for sirituality on this blog? I can't define my terms every time I write a short blog entry! But I mean much the same as Steiner did in the 1918 prophecy. That the world is Beings in relationships.

Cererean said...

In a week where a man has lost his job for saying White Lives Matter whilst an woman has been promoted for saying they don't... I think I see the plan of the princelings of the air a bit clearer.

They want the English to begin to hate (http://www.kiplingsociety.co.uk/poems_beginnings.htm). They *want* a race war. They *want* the blackshirts to come back, because whoever 'wins', the English will be spiritually destroyed by it, and whatever awakening is supposed to happen will be delayed once again.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Cerean - Agreed, except that it is not really 'hate' that they want so much as resentment, fear, envy, entitlement, pride, despair. Hate isn't really the right name for the sin, because it isn't really a sin - although often associated with sin, hatred of that which is evil may be felt by a virtuous man.

Perhaps the way to think of it is that we should not be *motivated* primarily by hatred, or any other negative emotion; our primary drives should be positive - such as love.

Also, we need to remember that what they want Our side to feel is different from what they want Their Own side to feel. e.g. It seems obvious that They *don't* want Our side to engage in the kind of frenzied mob activity they are promoting, subsidizing and facilitating for Their POV. .

Cererean said...

Depends on who "they" are. Are you talking about the puppets, or the puppet masters? I think Satan would be quite happy to see the English whipped up into a frenzied and murderous mob that rejects the Good in a vain attempt to preserve their nation.

Bruce Charlton said...

@C - It may come to that. Up to now, whenever there is a demonstration/ gathering of ordinary working class patriots (protecting property, statues etc, or maybe protesting against organised rape gangs), they are controlled very severely and kept apart from the pampered, protected, leftist, free-to-do-what-they-want rent-a-mob. But this may change.

Cererean said...

Well... they need to let people reach the full measure of despair, resentment, and desire for vengeance. If they allow successful demonstrations too early, people will feel they are being listened to, and perhaps their concerns will be addressed. No; for an explosion to happen, all escape valves must be closed off.

Brief Outlines said...

@ Bruce - yes, fair enough. My own response to my question would be something like; it's an intuition, that if one has to explain it to someone without that intuition then it will probably just be interpreted through a political lens and completely misunderstood.