Wednesday 3 June 2020

Establishment-crafted chaos confirms that collapse is the goal

Now that the world is under totalitarian rule, everything Big that happens (i.e. everything that the mass media has decided to give blanket coverage over several days) is done purposively by the Global Establishment.

Now, the lockdownsocialdistancing strategy is a cold, calculating, crushing, atomising, Ahrimanic-evil bureaucratic strategy for surveillance and control. But if that was the kind of world They were aiming-at; then They would not be (as they currently are) actively initiating, funding and officially-encouraging the hot, impulsive, Luciferic-evil, violent and destructive mobs all over the place.

OK both are evil, but they point at quite different kinds of society: one tightly-controlled, the other chaotic.

So... my assumption is that this pattern confirms that They really are aiming at System collapse, rather than a micro-System of technocratic surveillance-control. LDSD will, by itself, destroy the system; but injecting chaotic destruction and violence will surely accelerate the process.


Gary said...

Another possibility, is that chaos and collapse aren´t their goal, despite the fact that all that they are doing makes that end-state more intense, fast and certain.

I think it is probable, that they are helpless to do anything else. In other words, they have been engaged in evil for so long, that they are no longer able to think clearly about basic things. They have literally gone insane, to a degree which would make them serious and urgent patients in a psych hospital if they were an individual.

Since God is the source of all reason, all light, and all Truth, it is logical that if you stand opposed to God, eventually you lose your faculties altogether.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the master physician, but by rejecting Him they have rejected any chance at sanity.

And... this is, all of it, necessary. The "old world", of "insitutions" and "groupishness" and submission to external (human) authority has to go. So it will... one way or the other.

William Wildblood said...

The complete opposition between the lockdown on the one hand and the rioting on the other, both either encouraged or condoned by the media and the majority of the elite completely confirms your analysis, Bruce. The fact that both are presented as actively virtuous when both are destructive is further evidence.

Jacob Gittes said...

The rioting is not just encouraged or condoned by the media: it's a script, an actively written and planned stage play. The groups of rioters arrived in Minneapolis immediately. Thousands of them. It was literally planned. My own brother, who is a normie-conservative, CNN watching atheist, called me freaked out yesterday. Why?
He was biking in the city, and came across a tent encampment of hundreds or thousands of men that he labelled strangely dark-skinned and foreign. They had supplies, and were left unmolested by the authorities.
Another friend told of seeing the vehicles driving the rioters around being driven by people who were being constantly guided by their cell phones.
It's a script.

Finally, my brother runs all of North America for a large global company. He's being furloughed. Partial pay cut. Their sales have collapsed by more than 60%. And they sell only to other large manufacturing firms. Thus, we can assume that the entire industrial economy of North America has just collapsed by at least 60%. My brother is now wanting to sell his motor boat. He's panicking. But he has a lot of wealth. So there it is.
Centrally controlled and guided (by someone or something) violence. Condoned and totally allowed by the local authorities.

Stephen Macdonald said...

We're in a spiritual hurricane, though few can feel it. My formerly meek and mild Canadian friends and family are essentially baying for blood over the US riots. The tiny percentage who call for non-violence (usually by invoking MLK) is systematically shouted down as racist by people who are normally the sort you see smiling out of family portraits or browsing the local garden shop.

Ingemar said...

Of course. The enemy is an unruly child and when he's bored with a toy, he breaks it.

John Fitzgerald said...

People are being completely blown along now. 'Men and bits of paper,' as T.S. Eliot said. Cognitive dissonance levels at an all time high yet very few in the media are picking up on it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ing - It strikes me that the demons may have gone crazy, from having things made so easy for them - like a toddler with no enforced boundaries.

@John - That's it. Or 'men without chests'. I actually find myself embarrassed at the credulity of the mass of people. They will believe absolutely any self-contradicting nonsense, crudely cobbled together and thrown into a headline.

@Willia. "The complete opposition between the lockdown on the one hand and the rioting on the other" - Yes, all it requires is for people to compare one headline with another next door headline; but apparently even that degree of sustained attention has become impossible.

@Gary - That's the ultimate cause, and clearly it applies to most self-identified Christians every bit as much as it does to the expicit atheists. A very extreme form of disintegrative psychosis.

Kirstie said...

It does come down to whether you believe in God or not. Firstly and ultimately. God has sent many 'saviours' or 'saints'.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake. I have a message for you from another commenter. If you would like to email me I shall pass it on.