Friday 5 June 2020

Christianity is a child-like and non-intellectual faith

Ghosts in Hades (=Shades in Sheol), according to the Disney Hercules movie

Christianity is a child-like and non-intellectual faith, as can be seen from the fact that even demented Shades in Sheol (as well as children, and the simple-minded) can understand enough about it to follow Jesus to Heaven.


Note: I owe this clarification to an interchange with William James Tychonievich, at his blog. If you like this blog, you should consider following and engaging-with William's work; because I have learned multiple (and continuing) in-depth insights from our comment and e-mail interactions over the past decade.

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Francis Berger said...

I wholeheartedly agree with what Wm and you have expressed, but for the sake of clarification, a child-like faith in Jesus must not to be confused with a child-like faith in (and obedience to) a church. The two are completely different. The former needs to be embraced; the latter does not.

Both you and Wm understand this crucial point. Many Christians, however, seem incapable (or unwilling) to make this discernment whenever the subject of becoming like a child in faith surfaces.