Thursday, 18 June 2020

The 2020 annihilation of Christianity by social-distancing and now CLE*

CLE* is not a religion - it is anti-religion. 

The term religion is a problem. It was devised so as to have a single term under which to lump-together Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and the types of ancient paganism - amongst others.

In other words, the definition of religion is intrinsically sociological - and necessarily based-upon the superficial, inter-culturally observable, measurable aspects of major... what? 'Belief systems'?

So as to include such a wide range of 'belief systems' the resulting definitions needed to include multiple factors, rather like a syndrome in medicine; and religion became loosely defined in terms of some features from a shopping list such as rituals, processions, ceremonies, a cosmology, god/ gods/ abstract deity, scriptures/ holy texts, and so forth.

At the end of that line; we get the academic discipline of Religious Studies which treats religions comparatively by making the assumption that all are false. hence all can equally be explained using sociological, political, psychological, anthropological and other (secular, materialistic) systems. In fact - religions are treated as beliefs and practices; and therefore any system of belief and/or practice is counted-as A Religion.

At the end of that line; we get the conviction - especially non-religious people - that Leftism (and other political ideologies) are religions essentially like Christianity or Hinduism.  'Religion' has been conflated with 'Ideology'.

Yet to regard Leftism as 'a religion' like Christianity is a reductio ad absurdum.

While the traditional Christian-type 'belief systems' function to give coherence to a community; Leftism functions to fracture communities into interest groups ('minorities') which are then turned against each other in a kind of chaotic rotation - each minority taking turns as favoured or scapegoat.

Ultimately this is because Leftism (which term includes all the mainstream political parties; including supposedly 'Right Wing' parties like conservative, republican, libertarian, nationalist etc) is anti-Christian - that is anti Christian, specifically.

In the end, the positivist, materialist, scientistic-bureaucratic, pro-chaotic aspect of Leftism will swallow up all belief systems that act to create coherence or stability (including the not-Christian religions); because Leftism is intrinsically against All Such. But the origin and deep-motivation of Leftism (which is a Western phenomenon) is anti-Christian. 

We must distinguish real from fake Christians. Because Leftism does not mind the fake-Christian variants of Leftism that use Christian language to endorse Leftist tactics and strategies - such as the current leadership of all the mainstream Western Christian Churches.

(In a nutshell: Leftism is a Christian apostasy - a leaving of Christianity, a decline of faith; which has at some times masqueraded as a Christian heresy (ie. it pretended to be an unconventional brand of Christianity itself. Now Leftism has recently progressed to the point that it seldom mentions Christianity; but the deep motivation of Leftism ensures that it singles Christianity out for special, harsh, eradicative treatment.) 

Sot let's stick to Christianity, which is what the whole thing is really all-about...

We have a new top-down cult of CLE* sweeping the Western world (and maybe other places, for all I know). This is a cult of (at present occult, hidden) demonic devotion that has borrowed superficial symbols and rituals of worship and submission from traditional Christianity; a cult that is being endorsed in reckless and unrestrained language by (it seems) all Western institutions, great and small.

With CLE-mania sweeping the world we have another litmus test to distinguish real from fake Christians; antiracism to add to many other Leftist manifestations such as socialist egalitarianism, and the various sequential campaigns of the sexual revolution: divorce, extra-marital sex, feminism etc.; up to (covert child abuse, castration and mutilation-justifying) same sex marriage and the trans- agenda.

And it is a litmus test which (apparently) every organisation - including churches - has failed. And all those loyal to institutions have failed it as well.

By this test, there are very few Christians remaining - since all loyal church people have now joined, are now fighting actively, on the side of demonic evil and against God.

2020 has therefore seen the all-but annihilation of Christianity. 

The churches all closed and ceased their core activities (on the risible excuse of hypothetical, unvalidated epidemic models prescribing lock-down and social-distancing+); and the church leadership agreed to, indeed positively-endorsed, such closures - and without time limit. 

Now the remnant churchians are embracing and advocating the obviously demonic, inverted-Christian cult of CLE. 

So; Christians are, here-and-now, just scattered individuals.

Exactly as was prophesied...

These are indeed the End Times.

*CLE stands for the Cult of Lying Evil; named because it is evil-motivated (devised and propagated by the demonically-controlled Global Establishment); and because it is based-upon, rooted-in multiple and layered factual lies. It is CLE that we are being asked to observe by such 'Black Mass' inverted Christian rituals such as genuflection and foot-washing, and distortions of the cleansing confession that precedes Eucharist. All this in just one month! Doubtless further elaborations of ritual and symbolism will follow. Doubtless the underpinning Devil-worship and value-reversal will become even clearer and more explicit - but only for those with eyes to see.

+The term social-distancing is an example of the 'law' by which evil apparently must state in-advance what it will do to us, before actually doing it. By accepting social distancing as an antiviral fake-precaution, we tacitly-consented to the principle of human beings compelled to live at a prescribed distance; so that now SD may be retained or imposed whenever They regard it as justified by Their criteria for as long as They say-so - or forever...