Tuesday 2 June 2020

Emergency treatment for Project Fear

Since it seems that fear is the prime weapon that the Global Establishment are deploying for the damnation of Men's souls (more exactly, Project Fear leading to Project Despair); and since it is obvious that the recent totalitarian coup has all of societies institutions sewn-up (such that there is nobody with power that can be trusted - because they are all on the side of evil); therefore an emergency treatment for escalating acute, or grinding chronic, fear is useful.

The antidote to fear is a combination of love and trust in that which is good and powerful.

I find that what works best as a start is to concentrate on the here-and-now - in other words self-remembering; because fear is about the future. This can then be followed-up by reflection on the fact that God is the creator of this world, who is our loving Father, therefore can be trusted to do whatever is necessary and possible.

Another source of fear is about whether we ought to be doing something to prevent the feared from happening, but what? And how can we be sure what is for the best?

This is when self-remembering can be followed by seeking the guidance of the Holy Ghost, who will tell us here-and-now what, if anything - and often there is nothing - should be done. This obviates the guilt pressing us towards that obsessive but fruitless planning, which plagues modern Men.

John Butler is very good on the specific business of detaching from abstract and theoretical angst; and becoming aware of oneself in the here-and-now; and (at his quietest) has just about the most soothing voice I've ever heard! - This immediately takes the sting out of present fear, and can be used to lead-into the process described above:


Epimetheus said...

So long as death is the end, the future will always be our enemy. It was awesome to hear Icke say that the fear of death was the System's primary weapon in the birdemic - he seems rather perceptive, actually. Interesting to see the situation in the States presently - it looks like the Luciferic blow-off of the Ahrimanic birdemic compression.

lgude said...

I also want to say thank you. I'm old, so fear is different and the advice to listen in particular to the Holy Ghost is both timely and welcome. Age provides a great opportunity - to live in mortality which I discover is simply maturity, rather than in fear of death which is immaturity. I just sat for an hour in meditation and will watch the videos due course.

Jacob Gittes said...

Thank you so much for this post. I just listened to the first John Butler video.
I will listen to the second later.
It was amazing.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake - As you will see, John Butler is what I call a Christian Buddhist - so his deistination is different from that of a Christian Christian. Nonetheless, the starting point of recalling onself to the present is equally applicable, and JB has 'specialised' in this as a basis for meditation - he does it better than anyone else I've come across.