Sunday 21 June 2020

This crisis is not going to end without some qualitative, unmissible counter-catastrophe

This crisis not going to end, so long as evil has power; because for Satan and the demonic powers the destruction of Good never ends. And here, now, evil dominates in this mortal world; on this earth.

It will continue to get-worse; until some action (very big, purposive, and Good) makes it start getting better.

It will Not start getting better by accident nor by 'natural' processes (such as 'the market' or simply collapse). So long as motivations are evil, Things will continue to get worse.

Evil does not defeat evil. So don't suppose or hope it will...

There is always more Good to be destroyed - because every created being (or 'thing') is a creation of God - and therefore Good in origin and essence.

As Tolkien saw for Morgoth; he could only continue until everything created had been destroyed, then destroy himself - returning reality to primal chaos. That is the only end-point.

However, that cannot Now happen since Jesus. (Tolkien's world was set before Jesus.) Evil cannot triumph because Heaven is free from evil and immune to evil.

However, evil can corrupt and destroy all that is not of Heaven, and thereby reduce the scope of Heaven (motivated by sheer negative hate, spite and resentment); but evil Cannot corrupt or destroy Everything.

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Brief Outlines said...

Ah, some good news! Thank you Bruce, God bless