Saturday 27 June 2020

Cover your face! (The transition from face mask to face covering)

Here you can see the rise of "face covering" and the decline of the "face mask"... As usual, as with "social distancing", we are being told the underlying purpose of the measures. As usual, this reality is ignored/ denied.

(In other words, there has been a transition from the hygeine theatre of masks as a fake prophylaxis; to the blatant PSYOPS of covering; presumably with the usual motivation of divide/ rule, and fear/ resent/ despair.)


JWM said...

Masking is not about the mask. The face covering is a talisman of the Unholy Church of Woke. The virtue signal has replaced Virtue. The mask says, "I comply. I do what I am told because good people do what they are told." "Good people" bow to the received wisdom of the television stations, and Marxist politicians.
"Good people" feel shame for their good lives, shame for their hard work, shame for their good health, shame for their normal sexuality, shame that they are better off than the indigents, and lowlifes.
And nothing makes the "good people" feel better than imposing that shame on others.
I will not feel shame for things I have not done.
I will not comply with the unholy Church of Woke.


Bruce Charlton said...

Covering the human face is Not an arbitrary symbol, and it has profound effects on social functioning.

James Gregor said...

Some have argued the face masks are a way for the satanic elite to have us all participate in a mass initiation ritual of some kind.

Note the incessant talk among the elite demon slaves about a 'new normal' and even a 'new world'.

I do wonder if the plan with this ritual and the world it's meant to initiate us into is being frustrated. Opposition to the obviously stupid and indefensible lockdowns is growing, and has forced the political leadership of some countries to insist there won't be another lockdown even in the event of a 'second wave' (not that their word is good for anything).

This raises an interesting question: Are we seeing conflict between Luciferean and Ahrimanic elites? Whereas the former want to plunge the world into violent anarchy and chaos through economy-destroying lockdowns and associated civil unrest, the latter aim to set up a global state that rules by omnisurveillance and precise management of the most intimate details of our lives. The Ahrimanic plan of course requires that economies continue to function, and so isn't compatible with sustained lockdowns, which will simply destroy the global economy.

Most worrying is perhaps the possibility of a dialectical synthesis between these satanic plans: further Ahrimanic control as "solution" to deliberately created Luciferean chaos.

Bruce Charlton said...

@O - But that is not true; and is indeed a snare; because (obviously) variation between mainstream governments don't make a significant difference. The basic big fact is that 2020 is global - everyone, everywhere, is simultaneously jumping the same way. This is the New World Order: one world, one government, one ideology.