Thursday 13 May 2021

Chaos, Creation, Entropy, Evil

Things began with chaos, among-which were Beings. Beings are self-sustaining - from Beings come the energies that shape chaos into creation. 

As soon as creation had begun, there was entropy - which is the tendency for the created to revert back to chaos. 

In this current stage of creation (which we also inhabit) creation must always be-overcoming entropy; by the self-sustaining energies of Beings. 

The reversion of creation to entropy releases 'energy'.

Therefore evil Beings, those who hate God and creation, encourage the reversion of creation to chaos. They do this partly in order to destroy creation, and partly to use the released 'energy' for their own purposes. 

Luciferic-evil Beings reduce creation intending to feed-upon the released energies. 

Luciferic evil is thus parasitic in nature - a Luciferically evil Being will feed-upon the energies of creation, as he destroys it.


Ahrimanic-evil Beings destroy creation by opposing chaos with 'order'. 

Creation becomes confined within The Global Bureaucracy, The System, The Matrix: the Black Iron Prison (BIP). 

Dynamic self-sustaining creation is held in stasis - thus the energies of creative life are squeezed out from the imprisoned Beings. 

After taking a tithe for vampiric (Luciferic) self-reward; these energies are used to maintain, extend and reinforce the prison: to extend the BIP globally, to include all Men; and to eliminate all perception and awareness of any-thing at all beyond the prison.

(Actually not all Men; because Ahrimanic evil entails a sharp distinction between prison inmates and warders; between the Beings who are-processed and the Beings who-do-the-processing - between Us and Them.) 

The death-factory is constructed and fueled by the energies released from its destruction of life. Ahrimanic evil is thus an entropy-factory, a processing plant; it takes living creation and reduces it to dead matter: creation to chaos. 

Ultimately, Ahrimanic evil turns creation against itself; uses life to crush life. 

Sorathic Beings are saboteurs - they were supposed to be warders sustaining the BIP, but they have begun smashing the buildings, wrecking the machines, and torturing the inmates. 

Sorathaic Beings are defectors from the Ahrimanic plan - because they have come to regard the Ahriminic factory as too slow, too dull, too unrewarding, too conjectural in effect. They want to destroy creation Now, directly, indiscriminately. 

Sorathic Beings perceive the contradiction of creating a Black Iron Prison as a means to destroy creation - when the base motivation of evil is to destroy all of creation (including BIPs). Pure evil cannot postpone universal destruction when it can be started already. 

Thus, Sorathic Beings will burn the death factory, along with its inmates and the warders; will return every-thing to chaos without attempting to harness or use the energies for any purpose. 

The motivation is not pleasure (like the Luciferics), nor mass effectiveness (like the Ahrimanic) - but a spite-driven, burning-zeal for pure destruction of all - here and now. 

Sorathic evil is born of a distrust of complex, long-term plans and schemes, a revulsion against the hypocrisy and pretense of the Ahrimanic strategy; which poses as 'good' and continues to create, albeit justified in order to destroy.

Sorathic evil emerges and waxes when the Ahrimanic scheme is nearing completion - when it comes to be believed that There is Only the BIP - there is only a whole world of evil, inescapable, with no alternative. 

Then evil has only evil as a target - so the greater evil turns-against and consumes the lesser.



Doc said...

Great post Bruce. Very well articulated as usual.

The greatEST good consumes the greatER evil.

Christ destroyed the power of death by dying

Destroys evil with a new creation

2 things we should emulate?

Daily dying of arrogant self/ laying down our selfish life plan to serve others (Not heroic jumping on of grenade). Least is greatest...

Then, using the clarity, hope, peace, wisdom, and TRUTH of this knowledge/belief to join him in creating. Here and now, not just in the future. Like this blog. It is your creation. Then others join to increase it's effect and we all gain/ grow as a result.

Jacob Gittes said...

This post really hit me hard.
It associated in my mind with the Matrix movie series.
It almost made me side with the Sorathic power, because the BIP is so depressing and confining.
But then I rembember that at any time we can oppose the BIP and evil with love, creative energy, and seeking God and the divine.
We literally have more power then the Sorathic and Ahrimanic powers. Or rather, in partnership with God and Jesus we do.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jacob - "It almost made me side with the Sorathic power"...

I think this is why it is so important to understand these matters - because of that temptation, which certainly crops up as the BIP closes-in.

We need to remind ourselves that evil is overcome by Good - not by another and worse evil! Destruction is overcome by creation - not by more destruction.

But perhaps that temptation is one strong reason why the Sorathic spirit is currently able to take over, despite its weakness?

Anonymous said...

I found myself immediately wondering what pondering Tolkien's work in these terms might yield. For example, Sauron and Saruman treating Orcs as a 'them' sort of 'us', with how much or little fear of Orkish 'Sorathic radicalization'? Or the whole trajectory of Melkor from a 'Luciferic' messing with the Music, to an 'Ahrimanic' totalitarian rigor, to mere 'Sorathic' destructiveness. (Comparing Charles Williams's three satanists in War in Heaven also springs to mind as I write, with the 'perverted romantic' one moving to(ward) honesty and repentance.)

Again, in Tolkien the finitude of creation for Elves as well as Men (though where Aman within the Valar's subcreation 'fits in' here, I need to brood over, at the least!) - but also the emergence in the "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth" of a perception of transformation rather than mere finitude. The latter came to mind during the Preface and Communicantes prayers for the Feast of the Ascension (which are then used in every Mass through Whitsun Eve, and which the little Latinist Tolkien would have heard how often, especially as acolyte to Father Francis Morgan?), "the most sacred day on which our Lord, thine Only-Begotten Son, established at thy right hand in glory that frail nature of ours which he had assumed", "in order to give us to be partakers of his Godhead" (to quote an approved translation from 1910).

David Llewellyn Dodds

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

A very good analysis. This three sorts of evil are coming into increasingly sharp focus.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - Thanks. The work continues...

@DLD - I've referenced the orcs in the post; and Morgoth is a good exemplar. Indeed the passage where Tolkien describes and contrasts the evil of Morgoth and Sauron is (for me) a major source of this understanding - esepcially the final degeneration of Morgoth and the presumed end point of suicide: