Wednesday 5 May 2021

"If nobody I 'know' is worried - then it's not a major problem - right?" Absence of the Real Self

Continuing on the theme from earlier about behaviour in the modern world (following the spontaneous, evolved, pattern of archetypical female threat assessment) - it is absolutely stunning what is Not regarded as a significant problem. 

If the mass media and officialdom don't mention a subject - or state that it is not a problem, but 'in fact' a benefit - then... well people don't react. 

Because people don't react, then it just isn't a problem. Indeed, it is not really happening At All. 

What you can observe for yourself, what those competent people that you know and trust report to you; what you can work-out by simply logic and common sense reasoning... Such 'evidence' might as well not exist, for all the impact it has on human behaviour.

This has become truly staggering in its scale since early 2020. People's actual daily lives - stretching over a period of more than a year - might as well never have happened, for all the effect it has had on anybody's basic understanding of real and significant problems. 

What is the roots of this extreme failure of inference? 

My impression is that we are seeing the consequences of the sequestration of each person's Real Self

Our individual capacity to reason is derived from the Real Self, which is the part of each man that is divine. When Men are truly thinking for themselves; they are thinking from this Real Self. 

The Real Self looks out upon the world, and - using conceptual and interpretative abilities that are divine and valid - the Real Self makes sense of the world. 

There is a diagram in William Arkle's A Geography of Consciousness that shows how this sequestration of the Real Self can be envisaged. We begin life, all of us, with the Real Self communicating with our surface 'personality self'. 

The personality self develops more and more interconnections due to socialization and external interactions - until the surface personality self gets only a very small proportion of its perspective from the Real Self: a small proportion and easily ignored...

But this process may continue until the Real Self becomes sealed-off by the surface personality; not only ignorable, but undetectable. At this stage the person becomes cut-off from the divine; and floats adrift in the labile ocean of 'communications' between the surface personality and its adaptations to the communications it receives from the outside world. 

At this point the person has no centre, no core, no cohesion: he becomes simply a floating collection of processes and actions. 

That is where we are, here-and-now; for most people, nearly all the time. 

For such people (nearly everybody, it seems) perhaps the Real Self emerges during sleep, or when intoxicated, or during pathological brain states... but then there is typically a different kind of derangement from the abnormality and incoherence of cerebral processing. There may be a core coherence in such states - but the interpretation of external communication is deformed, and its expression is disarticulated from society...  

So, Men deny the reality of the Real Self; because - subjectively - it has ceased to exist. Of course, this denial of the Real Self is supported by public discourse (including biological science, which assumes the absence of the divine - therefore cannot ever detect or measure it). 

The Real Self continues to exist - but is so cut off and excluded from thinking and behaving that it might as well not exist. 

Yet the Real Self is indeed detectable and measurable - objectively, scientifically, publically - by the negative consequences of its absence

Detectable and measurable by the gross biological and psychological maladaptiveness of mass, mainstream, approved, official and broadcast human behaviour.   

The negative consequences of the absence of Real Self from the minds of Men are all around us. 



R.J.Cavazos said...

I think you are on to something very important here. I see analogues of this expressed in different ways or via different foundations. The psychologist Gadd Sadd (sp) likens this to a mind virus. It reminds me of some motion pictures from my childhood the 1950's Invasion of the Body Snatchers and to an extent the Omega man. I for one do feel as I am surrounded by zombies and this feeling has intensified in the last few years. For whatever reason, there are a few of us which to some extent or another are immune from either a false or external self taking over or simply going along with the crowd. Likely there were some people who did not go along with the Salem Witch trials, the pogroms and other fits of human insanity and or evil. Like many today, persons probably were agog at the goings on and simply were outnumbered and ignored or ostracized (canceled). This begs the question of why some are immune or have a particularly hardy real self. I would conjecture that these fortunate yet ignored souls share a number of commonalities externally and internally. With you hoping we keep our selves.....

TJ said...

I found my real self recently. The discovery was accompanied by massive personal upheaval. An outpouring of synchronicities happened, and it feels like a higher power altered my destiny. As a result, April was one of the most intense months of my life. I can trace these developments back to a Barfield article.

Doc said...

Seems some have been prepared for this. It doesn't make it any less frustrating to witness. Bruce often discusses circumstances matching individual need. Some responded and adapted more quickly and as a result, have been able to see clearly over a longer period of time. Not that it can't happen now, it is just less likely and obviously the new perspective will have less time to develop and faces constant bombardment. Personally, having experienced this latest onslaught in its prior, less comprehensive iterations, none of it surprises me.

Doc said...

That is exactly what happened. Now don't allow the system to lull you back asleep

Doc said...

"By the negative consequences of its absence"

Ha. Absolutely. The absence of action of aware selves is the void filled by modern evil

Jonathan said...


Which Barfield article? I want to read it.

Robert Brockman II said...

>The personality self develops more and more interconnections due to socialization and external interactions - until the surface personality self gets only a very small proportion of its perspective from the Real Self: a small proportion and easily ignored...

This phenomena is why decoupling from the normal social / mass media system has got to be a priority. Small scale, direct communications only: the size and scope of blogs like this is probably at the edge of what is safe. "Current events" discussions with friends are likely to be counterproductive and dangerous under most circumstances.

I know all of this has been said before but the threat seems to be rapidly escalating.

Grey said...

I wish we had pogroms or witch trials to go along with. Their rational was at least for the community ethos.

The monstrosity we are facing in the current year is evil unlike that seen in the past.

Days of Lot said...

Being cut off from the real self would explain why so many people fashion themselves after media images and uncritically accept narratives that have no basis in reality as part of a false identity.

An example in the US is everyone's sudden concern about "systemic racism," which hasn't been a real issue since the civil rights movement. The real issues...censorship, the "peck," and the gig economy, to name a few...are blissfully ignored, though they are what people are actually experiencing, because the media gaslights these topics.

Nathanael said...

Great post Bruce.
I think this is a very important topic that many people aren't perceptive of.

Have you noticed the memes this last few years about NPC's (non-player characters) and 'Bio-bots' which essentially depicts in cartoon form a soul-less being, devoid of spirit, totally going along with what the mainstream is transmitting. I learnt recently early christians had the name 'clay people' for what I'm assuming is the same phenomena. I guess it adds some humour to what is a sad predicament.

TJ said...


Finding the true self by writing from the heart.