Wednesday 12 May 2021

The superpower of Christians

In these End Times, it is as if Christians have superpowers!

What do I mean? Well, firstly I don't mean anything like the power to perform miraculous wonders in the material world. And I restrict the superpowers to those periods (even moments) when the committed Christian is actually in-tune-with God, aligned-with God's creative will and purposes. 

Superpower is (pretty much) what I mean by heart-thinking, intuition, direct knowing, or Final Participation

We are super-powered at such times because we are living in the larger and spiritual world, rather than the finite material world which is (increasingly) under demonic-evil control). 

We have thus (for a while) escaped this temporary world of entropy, and (in our thinking) are living in the larger world of eternity and Heaven (with this-world in that context).  

We also have the superpower of divine creation; because at such times our thinking is intrinsically divinely creative. 

In other words; when we are thinking from our real self and this real self is fully- (albeit temporarily-) aligned-with God's create-ing - then we are bringing something original to creation: we are bringing something generated from our uniqueness. 

We are, in fact, being 'geniuses' working with God in the permanence of Heavenly creation.

In this world; such a state is temporary and may be very brief indeed; yet by recognizing and acknowledging when it happens, we may strengthen our faith in God and hope of Heaven in a way that is 'super' - i.e. above - the powers and limitations of this-world.

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