Monday 10 May 2021

Is it un-Christianly immoral to assume that The Authorities are actively-evil?

Quite a lot of self-identified Christians seem to believe that their faith requires them to live by the assumption that The Authorities (however defined) must have good intentions - perhaps because they are supposedly (in some way) 'ordained by God' to hold their positions of authority. 

And some Christians also believe that it is immoral for anyone to assume that those in-charge-of large institutions (whether international agencies like the UN, national or local governments, churches, medical and scientific institutions and the like... are evil by motivation; are engaged in active, strategic evil. 

It was, until 2020, sometimes allowable to assume that the leaders of large corporations were indeed immoral. But this is now apparently forbidden - since Big Pharma and the Silicon Valley Tech Corps are the biggest of big corporations, and it is no longer permissible to regard them as evil - on pain of severe sanctions. 

Such are the tests of these End Times. 

To remain Christian we are called-upon to make a distinction between this-world and the-next; between the reality that while resurrected Heavenly Life is in full accord with God's purposes; in this earthly mortal life evil may triumph at any and every level - including that of the Authorities of this-world. 

This ought to be very obvious, but is not; because of the breadth and depth of corruption; which is unprecedented in world history - so comparisons between Now and The Past can be grossly misleading.  

All past societies were predominantly religious (in one form or another) until about a century ago (the Russian Revolution) - and until about fifty years ago the Godless societies were in a minority. 

Nobody else has ever lived in so thoroughly Godless a world; nobody in the past experienced a whole world in which religion has been so pervasively subordinated to worldly concerns as we find ourselves in since early 2020. 

A nothing-but-materialist world to such an extent that the religious and spiritual dimension of life has precisely zero effect on actual policies and strategies: all world religions have been subordinated to this-worldy agendas in a very extreme and obvious way...

Yet this has hardly been noticed. 

Suddenly it has been declared (for instance) that watching stuff on a TV monitor is spiritually the same as participating in religious rituals. 

Holy places, shrines, churches, temples can be closed... and nothing significant is lost. 

Missionary work and evangelism (which many sacrificed-for greatly and even gave their lives to do in the past) are simply set-aside. 

Pilgrimages that were essential and transformative in 2019, became inessential and worthless in 2020. 

A pastor visiting his flock can be replaced by masked people communicating by phone. 

The priestly laying-on of hands for blessing and healing, the human-divine touch, is (it turns-out) merely an optional-extra with no objective value. 

Thus (pretty much) all the leaders of all the religions (including Christian churches) have gone-along with this overturning of however-many centuries of core religious belief. 

Such scale of apostasy cannot be undone. One cannot suspend wholesale all the most sacred activities - around which religions were built - and the 'restart' them as if nothing has happened. 

And this plain fact is obvious to the devil, even if apparently invisible to the religious leaders.  

Here-and-now we live in a post-religious world

The pretense of all denominations has been revealed, has been enacted - with the enthusiastic assent of religious leadership.

After 2020; we cannot assume that The Authorities are working on the side of God; when they have so comprehensively allied with the agenda of Satan, and have not repented.  

If we, as Christian individuals, really believe that our religion is true - then we must be ready to go it alone, in an ultimate sense - which entails judging and rejecting the spiritual authority of The Authorities. 


The Continental Op said...

Yes, it's easy for American Christians to conflate specific people filling slots in the hierarchy with "God ordained" authority. I can't recall any of the early Christian writers saying anything good about a specific man in power, although the "man of lawlessness" (of 2 Thessalonians 2) raises the spectre that the man of lawlessness would also be in a high position of authority (otherwise, who would care?)

And what to make of the American secession, where our founders threw off "God-ordained authority" so as to replace with an authority of their own making? Conservatives in America have never resolved that to my satisfaction, rather letting the past be the past and simply dealing with the present as set in stone by God. We are, after all, "One Nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE" this is a mantra established to try to make sure we don't have any more secessions, don't dare question it. So no one sees a way out of a Satanic kingdom.

The left, being Satanic, positions itself as anti-authority on principle. It's perverse how conservatives respect and trust authority even to the point where if Satan himself has a boot on a conservative's neck he cries out, "respect authority!"

Bruce Charlton said...


" It's perverse how conservatives respect and trust authority even to the point where if Satan himself has a boot on a conservative's neck he cries out, "respect authority!""

Perverse indeed. It is sometimes an excuse for spiritual cowardice, other times evidence of fundamental spiritual corruption.

captOBV said...

Respect the office not the occupant. So if Satan occupies the office you still have to respect the office. Uh, no. If the occipant is bot worthy of respect, neither is the office. Somehow Prots can see that with the pope, but not with govt.

A said...

To our insane post-2020 world, the birdemic and peck are more real than our biological sex.

The key aspect to this, and which our demonic rulers are making clear, is that they decide reality, not God. When the system says the birdemic is real, despite evidence, it is real. When they decide the peck is an effective solution, despite all reasoning and our senses, it is real. When they give permission to be "trans" it becomes real, in spite of God and our senses, and illegal to acknowledge reality. Most people have gone along with this completely without more than a mild complaint - and that's why the demons know they can do anything and manipulate reality in any way they want.

I believe the "trans agenda" pushed so fast and hastily immediately before the birdemic was a test: "Can we actually pull this off?" - and when no dissent appeared, when Christian "leaders" went along, they knew it was time.

A said...

My last comment was off-topic.

Thank you for this post. It has been a question on my mind and no good answers from fellow Christians. I can't get past the fact that the Catholic Church is obviously broken. The Pope & majority of powerful hiearchy openly teaches heresy. They work tirelessly to destroy the Church from the insane. They are clearly & undeniably apostate, but despite these facts otherwise good Catholics tar-and-feather themselves with silly language ("our Holy Father's words could lead to or possibly be interpreted as... His Holiness, the repeated child abuser with a boyfriend, should be obeyed...").

The general consensus is, despite constant and non-stop evidence to the contrary, we should assume the hierarchy is *good* and are required to obey unless we're ordered to do something explicitly evil (which, of course, comes down to personal discernment!) and then Catholics tear each other aport over what crosses the line.

Which is all totally unnecessary, as it has been *repeatedly* prophesied that in the end times the Church hierarchy will fail and evil men will take over.

I can't imagine men were ever so weak or flaccid historically. If medieval men knew how wicked their Bishops were, as modern men do, they would have been at a minimum defrocked and chased out.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MA - I assume you meant to write "They work tirelessly to destroy the Church from the *inside*"

I think matters are extremely difficult for Roman Catholics because of the absolute need for priest, which means bishops to make priests and the Pope to appoint bishops. However this is exacerbated in those Western countries where RC devoutness was of the 'ultramontaine' type - - Ireland would be a stark example; and the Irish diaspora in the USA.

By contrast, the Eastern Europeans (for example) have experienced the corruption of the official church within living memory - and were sustained by underground rebel priests - yet even these would have been supported by Rome.

But the Roman Catholic situation is only more difficult in terms of devising a coherent strategy - because in practice All the Christian denominations are in more-or-less the same dire straits: Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, Anglican and Conservative Protestant Evangelicals - even among the most serious and devout members.

What we are experiencing is a truly vast and oceanic collapse of All Christian churches and denominations - with only *individual* priests, pastors and congregations holding-out against it.

This, now, is a huge moment in world history - and there is no historical precedent. But the spiritual crisis is obscured by the (fake-manufactured) material crises of health/ climate/ race etc - the obscuration has apparently masked the enormous fact from all world religions, along with all other institutions.