Saturday 1 May 2021

Living in a world with no future

Typically, the future only has an impact on the present when the future seems predictable - or, at least, when future change is going in what seems to be a predictable direction.

But how do we live in world where we do not know the future except that it will be very different from the present?  

Clearly, a Christian needs to confront the future with trust in God... Trusting, that is, for the possibility of his own ultimate spiritual well-being - and Not (this is a common mistake) trusting God to ensure the continuation or thriving of abstract grouping of (mostly) anti-Christian people, such as The World, nations, churches or whatever...

But we live in this material mortal world, and are meant to live here; and you and I are meant to be alive here-and-now; so we cannot/ should-not (even in theory, and it isn't possible in practice) be striving to live 100% in the spirit and ignoring This World. 

In sum - although we should strive not to 'live in the future'; nonetheless we simply must strategize; that is we must plan, and some of these plans must be long-termist

OK; but how On Earth can we approach living in this world - given that it is globally ruled by demonic powers; and that its future (if there is a future - which is never certain) is going to be different and worse, yet not predictably so? 

My basic perspective is that trusting in God implies that - in an ultimate sense - life comes to us

So that we need-not, and I think probably should-not, be looking ahead in the kind of way encouraged by mainstream secular society; which is to develop some kind of day-dream or blueprint about the kind of life we want, and then work-towards it. 

It seems to me that trusting in God implies that; because God is creator and each of us a beloved child of God, God will therefore ensure that what we most need to do and ought to try will come to us. That is, our (divine) destiny may present itself in our lives as some kind of choice or decision. Or, perhaps more likely - will appear to our consciousness as recurrent and pressing thoughts

Now, it should be obvious that many or most recurrent and pressing thoughts will be arising due to the propaganda system of the evil mainstream... Yet, we all have (if we choose to recognize and use it) an innate and ultimately divine capacity for discernment that can tell us when recurring thoughts are 'higher promptings' - even when we do not understand them. 

Indeed, I think it usual that we will not understand the promptings of divine providence - we are more likely simply to identify promptings with confidence than we are to understand them. And even less are we able to know where these thoughts will lead if we follow them, as we should. 

Thus, a divinely guided life will be an adventure. We will be invited to choose courses of action that we know to be Good, and to be prompted by God; but we do not understand exactly why, nor do we know where they will lead.  

Obviously; as we embark on such strategies, we will not switch-off our powers of discernment; therefore we will continually be checking that we haven't merely fooled ourselves, or fallen for some kind of evil snare. 

Repentance is always available and has infinite power. 

But the main requirement is this need for a shape to life; and that we cannot (literally cannot - i.e. nobody does) dispense with plans and strategies, with some shaping future-orientation. The above may be considered as one potentially motivating - and even exciting - way of doing it. 


Grey said...

Well said,

Having a 5 year plan doesn't mean you don't make a monthly budget.

Planning for eternity is the ultimate goal, but the short term plan for the next 100 years or so is how we get there.

Joseph A. said...

Hence, the ages' insistence on the development of virtue and the training of the spirit -- so that we know the shepherd's voice when he calls and also have the capacity to answer the call.

Doc said...

I used to have a 1, 3 , and 5 yr plan. Didn't project much further as change has been occurring at an accelerating rate. I reduced it to a 1 to 3 year "outlook"

Like you, I found over the last year the things that come to me are far more interesting than my plans