Sunday 2 May 2021

Understanding the peck-plan - and how Sorathic spite is subverting the Ahrimanic totalitarian agenda

The plan is, apparently, to have the entire world population pecked as a supposed way of addressing the 'problem' of the birdemic. 

(Or, at least, the global masses are to be pecked - since we have no way of knowing whether the rulers are included.) 

The peck-agenda is multi-faceted; and seems to bring together several of the main mechanisms of the Establishment agenda for omni-surveillance and micro-control - and thus looks-like a further step in making The System more comprehensive and intrusive. 

Thus far, the peck-plan is evil in an understandably Ahrimanic way. It is 'business-as-usual' for totalitarian bureaucrats with their God/spirit/soul-excluding agenda of mere-materialism. 

Yet against this interpretation is the striking fact that the peck itself is a 'black box' of various poorly-tested traditional pecks; plus massive and experimental treatments with (versions of) something new, genetically-invasive, all-but un-tested, and therefore extremely hazardous... Thus the peck-plan includes something that is Not a peck, by long-established definitions; but instead a conjectural attempt at genetic modification.

(Gene therapy has never safely and successfully been done in humans. Although in the early 1990s it was touted as the Next Big Thing In Medicine, it has been tried and failed many-fold times over the past three decades.) 

This 'universal' genetic-modification peck-strategy is reckless and hazardous at a scale never before seen in the history of the world. 

Therefore, it may, quite plausibly, over the longer term (multiple iterations of this type of 'peck' are planned) - and likely by several lethal mechanisms - lead to some kind of (deniable) giga-death scenario.

But how this type of giga-death would pan-out (who would be affected, and in what way; and the consequences) is not knowable; not even approximately knowable --- Not only because death at this scale has never been seen, but also because so little is known about this type of treatment and the problems it will cause. 

My point here is that if the peck-plan was straightforwardly Ahrimanic in its intent - that is, about surveillance and control; then the peck itself would have been made as harmless and low-risk as possible. 

Indeed, a placebo peck would probably be the best strategy - since a placebo would allow the apparatus of surveillance and control to be implemented without adding unpredictable risks. 

But there is No Way that a genetic 'peck' with unknown and potentially massive hazards would have been allowed by genuinely-Ahrimanic leaders - let alone encouraged and enforced on a mass scale. 

This is one of the reasons I have come to believe that the Ahrimanic powers have already lost control of the revolution they initiated with the global coup of early 2020; and that there has already been a takeover by the Sorathic spirit. 

Takeover by the Sorathic spirit his happens spontaneously, because evil is corrupting - evil feeds upon itself, gets worse over time (as often seen in the greatest sinners of history; who usually started out not-so-bad). 

Thus when Ahrimanic evil successfully established a system of world governance in 2020 - it thereby opened the possibility of a more direct and short-termist form of 'negative evil'. 

This evil operates on individual, not at a System-level. The bureaucrats of Ahrimanic evil are typically seething with personal resentments (based on sex, sexuality, class, race, etc.). These personal agendas conflict with the effective operations of The System; and personal motivations need to be suppressed and over-ridden for The System to operate.  

Yet, because the System has such one-sided world dominance; evil-motivated individuals (whether demons, world rulers, national politicians, managers and officials, or low level operatives) are continually tempted towards abandoning the long-term objectives of strengthening and extending The System; and instead engaging in sheerly spiteful immediate acts of vengeance and destruction, directed against those they hate and resent.  

This short-term, selfish subversion is the temptation everywhere in The System; and it becomes easier to indulge and harder to control the larger and more dominant the System becomes. 

Also, Sorathic spite is so extreme a motivation; that those in its grip will even sacrifice their own well-being, and even their own lives, in order to torment and harm those individual, institutions or groups that they most resent. 

This means that normal methods of controlling individuals (through incentives and punishments) become ineffective when someone is consumed by destructive spite. 

And it is Sorathic spite that I perceive behind the genetic-peck. The Ahrimanic plan of the currently-named Great Reset is already collapsing under the subversive effects of Sorathic spite. This, indeed, may be the reason why it was decided at last explicitly to inform the general public about the details of the Great Reset.

This Establishment Plan has been known in outline and implicitly by those with insight for many decades, going back into the early 20th century when it was described by several authors including outsiders like Rudolf Steiner, Hilaire Belloc and CS Lewis; and insiders such as HG Wells, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. 

But now, just as it has achieved its greatest success; the Ahrimanic Plan is under threat from within, by the subversions of many and dispersed Establishment functionaries and demonic overlords... 

So the Ahrimanic elites are (desperately!) trying to recruit support from the masses - at present by dishonestly pretending that the internal Sorathic threats are actually external threats from wholly imaginary power-groups of Christians, white sooper reamitists and the like. 

Obviously, this is counter-productive to the Ahrimanic agenda because it will encourage the Sorathic tendencies in the managerial and functionary class by rationalizing acts of vengeance and spite against the hated victim class of white, native, straight, men. 

And once the Sorathic stage of evil has been reached - there is no going back, because those in the grip do not want to go back. That's why these are the End Times. 


Doktor Jeep said...

As one in the crosshairs of Ahrimanic evil, Sorathic still looks like salvation.
Or it's the "why care about things we don't have" prospect. For example why care about free speech when only those who use it to spread evil, degeneracy, and destruction have it? Bring back the anti-blasphemy laws.

As for giga-death, most of the dead will be the mindless hordes who, out of their own jealousy and spite, voted for Ahrimanic evil and have no problem with people they don't like being destroyed or at least robbed.

I conclude then that evil is just as much a utility for God. This does not look like an easy job

Bruce Charlton said...

@DJ - You know best what you would prefer; but Sorathic spite enjoys the suffering of those it hates for its own sake, and whatever the consequences.

And until The System has been wholly subverted, it will still be used by the Sorathic - only for short-termist and destruction-orientated goals.

Maybe you need to think a bit harder about the way that global giga-death would likely play-out - you seem rather too sanguine at the prospect!

But you are right in the sense that from a strategic evil perspective, Sorathic spite is (almost by definition) suboptimal (leading to fewer damned souls); so in that sense God can probably do more with it than with the Ahrimanic.

When evil takes its glove off and all-but drops the pretense of working for the Greater Good, then it should certainly become (even) more obvious - assuming most people are not already too far gone.

Matthew T said...

Thanks for this Bruce. You haven't written a good deal about the peck and I'm sure there are reasons for that. Meanwhile, as an actually practicing physician I have a great interest in the question, and to that end I've spent a lot of time and energy by now researching, reading, and so forth, what there is to be learned about the peck.

Unfortunately too many of the "anti" or skeptic arguments are unconvincing, in the style of point-and-shriek but there's no actual "there" there.

Anyway the point is this: one of the patterns I've observed, on the livelier debating forums, is people who will say (with reference to far-out conspiracy X,Y,Z) things like, "Come on bro, why would they DO that... they wouldn't DO that, it doesn't make sense..."

And the answer of course is, it's true, it doesn't make sense for them to do A,B,C UNLESS understood as part of a formerly-Ahrimanic-but-increasingly-Sorathic campaign.

Francis Berger said...

Based on my experience with this in Hungary, I am inclined to agree with your assessment.

Hungary has the second-highest peck ratio in Europe. The government's drive to peck its populace has all the hallmarks of conventional Ahrimanic evil, but a deeper look quickly reveals the Sorathic undercurrents: there are 6 or 7 different pecks in circulation; the government ritually publishes fake data and reports to support the "safety" of all pecks without any consideration of possible side effects; peck propaganda is incessant and unavoidable; the population itself willingly participates in the unprecedented risk; the peck campaign includes the pecking of youngsters, pregnant women and, eventually, children (none of whom were ever in real danger); etc.

The only noticeable difference here is that the so-called Christian-Nationalist government accuses its leftist opposition parties of being anti-peckers!

Moreover, the so-called Christian-Nationalist government in power here also boasts that it is "taking care of its people" better than its liberal, leftist counterparts are taking care of their respective populations!

Anyone out there who believes our hope resides in some form of Christian nationalism - take note!

Gary Bleasdale said...

I think this analysis, that it's Ahrimans being suckered by Soraths, makes sense.

The plan as envisaged by the Ahrimans is to create a world where compulsory, regular injections of experimental treatments is the norm. The idea here, is that it is a surgical way of trying to control population numbers, which is to be "baked into" the system by design, allowing the masses to be biologically controlled (in number and quality) as if by levers.

Trying to play God again, as usual, these impotent Ahrimans!

Sounds good on paper, as far as they're concerend, but obviously won't work out - as you have stated, it injects a colossal, overwhelming amount of unpredictability into the system, at a very fundamental level (literal biological viability of the population itself)

That the Ahrimans have been fooled in such a patent manner is indeed proof that they have been coopted by the Soraths, and are now being thrown under the bus, as their task (the painstaking creation of a functional global system of management) has been completed, without which Sorath would not be able to Rip through mankind fast enough before burning out.

As you have also said, they were fooled because they built everything upon quicksand (the heart which is uniluminated by Christ) - their calculations and theories full of errors, whilst initially providing some "spectacular" results in order to improve morale and justify a continuation of the status quo.

Quite a scenario!

Anonymous said...

Francis Berger,

I just read a 'news' item which put the Hungarian plan in terms of "immunity". Is there any dimension of 'traditional' virological/immunological intelligence at work which counts having had the infection as for all practical purposes providing future immunity? And, if so, are there any tests in use that actually discover the 'agent' in question, and not, e.g., merely evidence of sometime having had some sort of related 'agent'?

More generally:

When I first visited the Soviet Union in 1977, it was so obviously appalling, I thought, how can this possibly continue? - and immediately thought, well, they are celebrating the 60th anniversary of it... In the terms used here, my impression of a lot of 20th-21st-c. totalitarianism, is that a lot of 'Ahrimanic' Systems have protractedly been vastly murderous, spiritually corrupting, and so on, despite constant 'Sorathic' activity, or even, variously, 'thanks to' such activity, both in giving assorted 'Sorathics' 'outward' play and in retaining power as 'current highest overlord' by playing them off against each other.

David Llewellyn Dodds

Bruce Charlton said...

@Gary - That's well articulated.

I would add that I have come to regard - in effect - every 'Sorath' and an 'ex-Ahriman'. In other words, nobody starts out as being driven by Sorathic spite. The spiteful destroyers have degenerated from the Ahrimanic bureaucrats.

I think we can easily see this in specific people, and in the history of political movements - especially on the official Left; but also on the self-identified (non-religious) left-opposition "Right".

As the Ahrimanic Left's victory becomes more obvious; those secular people who oppose it are increasingly destruction-orientated - fantasizing openly about their (spiteful) pleasurable anticipation of global collapse, violence/ war, (real) disease outbreaks and starvation...

Partly because these secular Rightists believe that these torments will differentially affect their Leftist enemies; and partly from that sheer spite which rejoices in the destruction of those who are most resented - Even When the global destruction will also bring themselves down and all that they (supposedly) value.

As I so often reiterate - motivation-is-all. Someone that is motivated by spiteful gratification is evil - even when that which they want destroyed is itself evil.

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - I think it is often misleading to draw historical parallels. Yes, there are comparisons to be made between Now and the USSR - but the differences are qualitative. One is that the current System has been imposed without opposition, without its being noticed, and with mass acceptance. Consequently, we Now have a *far* more comprehensive and effective totalitarianism than ever existed before.

The USSR had been probably the most (Catholic) Christian nation in the world for some centuries up to 1917 - and this spirit remained powerful, underground, through 70 years of genocidal oppression. This is not the case in The West - quite the opposite.

This lack of internal and mass opposition in the modern System means that internal factors are more important than ever; and the development of human consciousness has been continuing in the mean time. e.g. I feel that there was a qualitative change around the time of the millennium - men now think, react, are motivated differently.

In essence, I would argue that the Sorathic tendencies are Much greater Now than ever before.

Timo Kujanpa said...

Great post, that caused me to think of Fauci (as one of the Ahrimanic functionaries involved in the peck), which then caused me to think of your great essay on the men of the "snake eyes." I remember thinking, when Fauci first came into prominence at the beginning of the birdemic, that he exhibited those snake eyes more than most people I had seen in the public eye.

They seem to really believe that they will be able to control the fallout of the unpredictable effects of the peck with their normal methods of propaganda, fake-news, and control of the media narrative. I know of people in my nation who have been affected negatively by the peck, but not a word of that has gotten to the rather insipid media here.

At some point, though, the cascading effects of their Ahrimanic evil may very well spiral out-of-control, and it seems obvious that some of these functionaries will relish the destruction. They probably already have explanations ready, explaining how "none of this could have been predicted," and "we had to do something, the birdemic was the biggest threat to humanity," etc.

What is more depressing is the way that most people seem to have a sense that something is seriously wrong, but are too afraid to listen to that voice and mount any kind of reaction to it, however meek (e.g., don't make your 2 year-old wear a mask in public).

A said...

Timo - These people successfully pulled off this fake coop without opposition on the thinnest of lies. We could see everyone who took the peck die in 6-months and I fear it would have little impact on the virtual reality we live in. They’d double-down on the peck and blame the not-pecked for causing mutations. The remaining not-pecked need to be forcefully pecked or moved to FEMA camps for their safety.

Pilgrim said...

Very good observation on the jab situation and another good example of how those conceptions of evil (Sorathic and Ahrimanic) can flow. I wonder how Luciferian may also play into this, if at all - I suspect China has a lustful and rapacious influence on current global events, and through cunning and guile (e.g. Unrestricted Warfare written in 2000), manipulated the west into their preferred way of controlling the masses.

I am currently reading Renee Girards “I saw Satan fall like lightning” and many of your observations overlap with his theories of mimetic desire and eventual conflict. I am new here, so I do not know if you have written about him or your feelings about his writing, but I sense overlap. Thanks for a great piece!

Bruce Charlton said...

@P - The blog is moderated, quite rigorously - so please don't submit multiple identical comments!

Luciferic evil can happen in individuals at any time - but is nowadays unable to become a major and long-term influence at a large level. The last attempt to make it so was in the later 1960s - and it became absorbed into bureaucracy after only a year or two.

But adolescents or even younger people are often seduced to evil by holding out the false and lying promise of freedom to do whatever you want, whatever turns you on.

In reality (and by design), the sexual revolution went extremely quickly from the 'guilt free promiscuity' of 'free love' 'sex, drugs and rock and roll', 'tur-on, tune in, drop out' ... to the guilt and angst of bureaucratic surveillance and control/ political correctness... and now to our approximation to a post-sex, post-fun, a-social, non-reproductive world - thanks to the global totalitarian birdemic-response...

Timo Kujanpa said...

@Mr. Andrew: Very true. Personal conversations I've had have led me to believe the same thing: in only the rarest of instances, when a person is already primed to connect to reality through God and spirituality, will a person be convinced by data, or even by what they see with their own eyes.
We are at the point where most people believe the System's Pied Piper voice over their own eyes. Truly remarkable.
In two cases, however, I believe I did convince two people (and by the extension to the spouse and children of one of them, others) to not take the peck based on data and scientific reasoning, and I had to throw some rhetorical touches in.
I sincerely hope we don't see giga-death, but I've already seen normal people accept real, negative health symptoms from the peck as normal or good.
There must be some sort of communal, shared death instinct or desire for destruction, nothing else makes sense. Which sounds like Bruce's Sorathic Evil. It's shadow grows bigger each day. One can sense it or feel it.

Bruce Charlton said...

Comment from Mr Andrew

@Timo - Using personal experience as a better metric of truth than the media, I know the [peck is more dangerous than the birdemic]...

...Dr. Charlton has talked about how essentially your beliefs are to understanding reality. Those who accept the peck-is-good are literally blinded or accept the adverse reactions as acceptable/good, but those associated with the birdemic as so horrifying as requiring all the extreme measures currently in place.

We can think of those who accused Jesus of having a demon, despite doing miraculous Good. No-matter-what they will be unconvinced by the truth. It probably would be far more damning for their souls if God showed up, did a miracle, and denied it rather than these proxy revelations and smaller truths.