Monday 3 May 2021

Why is the public attitude to the birdemic (fake) response so incomprehensible?

The most remarkable thing about the birdemic and its fake 'response' is the absolutely extraordinary public attitude to what has happened. 

There is a truly staggering degree of bland acceptance of gross destruction of society (including at its most basic interpersonal level) which is massively disproportionate to any/all of the posited stimuli. 

What is going on?  

My understanding is that we are seeing the effects of the millennial change in human consciousness that was prophesied by various spiritual thinkers - perhaps most lucidly by Rudolf Steiner

What this means is that Men have changed (all Men) - so that they no longer react in the same way they did. Men are no longer motivated in the way that they were - even as recently as half a century ago. 

And this change of consciousness is innate, comes from within (from each person's choice among divine alternatives and the subsequent consequences. The change was not itself primarily caused by society. 

By 2000 (approximately) modern Man had reached a point in his atheism, his alienation from the world and himself, that a threshold must and would be crossed

This threshold led either:

To an insane-evil type of value-inversion (including moral, aesthetic and truth inversions - and the willing-embrace of disunity of ideas and persons) - with consequent chosen self-annihilation. 

Or, to the divinely-destined (God-intended) change in Man's consciousness that began with Romanticism and pointed at a new kind of Christianity (which I have termed Romantic Christianity).

We are now seeing the fact and consequence of this divergence. 

Those who do not embrace Romantic Christianity in some form or another are taking the 'other' (anti-divine) fork in the path of destiny that leads to moral inversion. And - for the first time in history, and globally - awe have an actually-demonic, actually-inverted, ideology by which evil is believed and felt to be Good. 

So, everybody's consciousness has changed (i.e. everybody in the world - or pretty much). 

Everybody is qualitatively-different now from what they were 50, 40, even 30 years ago; and (post-millennial) younger people are different from how young people have ever been before. 

And these qualitative changes must-and-have gone in only one from two, divergent, directions. 

This astonishing world we live in is therefore only astonishing to those (apparently few) who have - to some extent, however slight - begun down the path towards Romantic Christianity, towards 'final participation'.

And that is exactly what makes the 2021 world so incomprehensible. 


Matthew T said...

It's interesting that I've been a long-time reader, and yet, through slow-wittedness, or lack of experience, or just being too darn busy in life, I have never really been able to "get" your series on Steiner.

Until now, after the past year's spectacle.

Timo Kujanpa said...

Good followup on the peck post, where I had noted that I found it so weird that so few people or parents even defend the children from depredations.

One has the feeling that one and the few who are able to embrace Romantic Christianity and feel the aliveness of the world (and thus can reject the deadness of the screen/fake/system world) and have some grounding in pre-birdemic reality - one has the feeling that we are sitting on a riverbank as the rest of the world has voluntarily piled onto a raft that is drifting towards a giant waterfall. They wave and snicker at us, the recalcitrant "hesitant deniers" and conspiracy theorists, as they drift toward the falls.
Some of us tried so hard to warn them to not get on that raft, to not leave the solid shore, but we finally realized that nothing we could say could convince them to not join that herd. After all, the few are usually thought to be crazy, because if the few are right, why wouldn't everyone believe that?
In their reality, there really is no disastrous water fall ahead. God does not exist, or he's just an abstract concept to pay lip-service to.
We are drifting further apart from each other, with more mutual incomprehension. But in such situations, it is the minority that suffer being pariahs.