Tuesday 11 May 2021

How clever are the Global Establishment? Clever enough...

How clever are the Global Establishment? It is an important question. 

One answer is 'They are cleverer than the masses - and that is all which is necessary'.

The masses did not need to be cleverer than Them in the past, because the masses were led by common sense and their personal experiences; and their evaluations were rooted in religion. So long as religion was central to their world view, there was a limit to how far the masses could be fooled. 

Now the masses have been trained to ignore the divine and spiritual; to regard public discourse (especially in the mass media) as the only really-real reality; and to disregard their own experience and common sense.   

Another answer: 'They are cleverer than the intellectual classes - whom they are leading by the nose to their own annihilation'. 

It has always been easier to mislead the intellectual classes, since abstraction is prone to mislead when applied to Life; and abstraction can lead someone much further from the natural and spontaneous than instinct. 

But now that the intellectual class are mostly anti-Christian and almost-wholly materialist in terms of what they take-seriously - then the intellectual class will 'believe' (i.e. go-along-with, base their career and self-respect upon) pretty much anything - especially when is the opposite of obvious common sense reality

Furthermore, as of 2021 the intellectuals cannot think. To live by abstraction and be unable to think means that They control the intellectuals like puppets. 

But the best answer is 'They are clever enough for what they want to accomplish: which is destruction'.

The Global Establishment strategy is that of Satan: the damnation of as many Men as possible; which is a destructive agenda aimed-at God, divine creation and all that is Good (truth, beauty and virtue). 

And destruction is much easier than creation. It takes a genius to devise a complex functional machine, but any fool can throw sand in its works, or smash it with a mallet. 

It takes God to create - but any demon or human fool, madman or servant of evil can wreck creation and any one of a million ways. 

To successfully implement a strategy to guide Men towards choosing salvation is difficult and the options are restricted; by contrast, to encourage the corruption of Men is trivially easy and requires few resources and little planning. 

Thus scores of mutually-reinforcing, Goodness-degrading policies can be pursued simultaneously, on multiple fronts - and are.

The take home message is that They are quite clever but in an un-creative way, and they are prone to wreck their own plans by treachery and spite. 

But; in a world that has self-subtracted god and the spiritual, and has thereby excluded all possibility of rooted consecutive reasoning; Their malice is eternal and sleepless. 

And what They are attempting is something to which any-being - no matter how dumb or lazy - can contribute towards... 

So Their numbers are legion, and growing.



whitney said...

This is also the argument among leftist in the US on why the election wasn't stolen. Its claimed that the left is too incompetent to pull it off. I actually experienced this argument in person recently and pointed out how this covid stuff was rolled out in 48 hours all the advertisements all the same message globally that does not indicate incompetence on anyone's part and, not kidding, this person had a complete luciferian meltdown, they started screaming and yelling and run into the other room and I had to promise to not talk about it again. It was amazing.

R.J.Cavazos said...

Fascinating and insightful. Indeed the actions of "they" are incredibly destructive especially the so called moves toward "fairness". Their version of fairness is in effect shortening the track and hindering the fast so that the masses feel accomplished and aligned with the goals of the system. Remove advanced maths from schools (that way all graduate with high grades!) eliminate policing thus crime is not reported and thus it no longer exists!!! It will be a marvel if in the U.S. we still have working toilets and the ability to walk the streets in major cities in 10 years.

Bruce Charlton said...

@w - The interesting thing is that it was Not competently done; but that does not matter because most people reason that if *I* 'did not notice/ decided not to notice/ assumed it could-not happen' then it did not happen.

I've seen the meltdown you describe very often, over the years when leftists are refuted - again, a tantrum is taken as evidence of authenticity. (If an opinion makes me deranged - then it must be evil.")

Jacob Gittes said...

Clever enough.
It's interesting how as the IQ of the compromised individual goes up, there is an internal compensation to make up for the supposedly high IQ.

The masses lost their connection to their traditions and religions, and need little internal rectifier to keep them on the path of evil.
The college-educated who aren't that bright, which is most, just accept what the media and newspapers directed at them say.
Those who are a bit brighter have the Economist, and their self-interest to keep them in line. They can snicker at the less-enlightened to still believe in old-fashioned ideas.

The brightest are actually actively invested in the materialist and Darwinist and anti-Christian world-view, and may actually be employed in that evil-creation industry.
But none of them will admit into their minds the evidence of their own eyes, senses, and hearts.
The devil has created an amazing system that is almost custom-made for each individual to stay fooled, unless they actively choose God and truth.
But as Bruce points out, God has a far better deal on offer for us all. We just have to choose it.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JG - "The devil has created an amazing system" - well, he has had a Lot of help from a Lot of people! And even then, it is (as of 2020-1) easily seen through.

Lucinda said...

Interesting reading the link about the clever sillies. I am a low openness personality, raised in a family of high IQ, high openness intellectuals, which gives me an interesting perspective. Early on I saw the social price of high IQ as being extremely undesirable, and I think I always knew that being too smart was a bad idea for a girl who aspired to be "just a mom". Anyway, I guess I learned early to deliberately subdue any "cleverness" in myself, and it has served me well.

My husband is a high psychoticism creative person, and lately I've quite enjoyed being able to translate his assertions to family members that feel he's "too off the wall". On Sunday for instance, I used more acceptable lingo to translate his assertions to his more commonly-successful brother. He said he could totally agree with it the way I said it, even though he felt he totally disagreed when my husband said it.

So true that the cleverness that is destroying us, where there is cleverness, is so very uncreative, very free of positive emotional basis.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Lucinda - Mormons have been selected to be high in conscientiousness, hence usually low in psychoticism.

This is IMO leading to problems in a world where one must be a dissenter against authority if one is not to be led-away from salvation.


Joseph Smith was an exception. Like most creative geniuses* he seems to have been a high psychoticism type.

*He was not Just a creative genius - being divinely-inspired; but he was that as well!

A said...

I'm default contrarian & have had a hard time accepting Dr. Charlton's insights (despite him being right, again and again). I did not want to live in End Times...

I see how being an atheist makes it impossible to see.

Bruce Charlton said...

whitney has left a comment - "I think the whole birdemic thing was competently done. Within two days every corporation had the same video out and we were all talking about masks and two-week lockdown that were obviously going to go on forever. I mean obvious to me, obvious to you, obvious to some other people. But the most important thing they did was sow absolute confusion. All their experts just contradicted each other constantly, no one apologized or corrected. I think it was competently done."

Bruce Charlton said...

@W - Well, it worked.

But there were actually astonishingly high levels of inconsistency and straight contradiction. e.g. The UK Pm said exactly opposite things on Wednesday and Saturday - 180 degree policy turn...

Yet, it made no difference at all. People just believed (with absolute certainty) whatever was being said today.

So, the point is that the Authorities do not need to achieve even moderate levels of competence, coherence or consistency in order to be believed and obeyed, because the public will do all the work for them.

Zeno said...

So long as religion was central to their world view, there was a limit to how far the masses could be fooled. Now the masses have been trained to ignore the divine and spiritual; to regard public discourse (especially in the mass media) as the only really-real reality; and to disregard their own experience and common sense.

I think you hit the nail on the head with this observation, which explains why people accept and trust so readily whatever the media tells them even if it's contradictory - and even when they don't, they tend to go for "alternative news" or "conspiracy theories" which, even if they may be closer to the truth (although not always, and many are just disinformation manufactured by the same channels) are also part in a way of the same system of non-spiritual reality replacing common sense.

Perhaps the only way is understanding things from a different perspective, on a higher level than the public discourse, which changes like the wind, and believe again in eternal truths.

Lucinda said...

Thank you for the search link. It was very helpful. I can make sense of some things that confused me before. Particularly it helped me better understand Jared's emotional motivation basis. You mentioned creative people can be managed by loyalty, which is I think how he's gotten along in life despite being very low in agreeableness and conscientiousness.

My belief is that there is a significant contingent of disagreeable, unconscientious types in the Church, but they are not in leadership and usually sort of hidden due to the strong evangelical group-project. When they try to evangelize, it is often very off-putting. When these men are young, it's a very punishing experience. As they mature, and especially if they get a good wife, the situation can be tolerable. They do tend to be cradle Mormons since it would be hard for such to make it through the rigmarole required for full acceptance as a member of the social group, though I think even here these men can get into the Church social group if they have an assisting wife.

I agree with you that dissenting from the worldly authorities is necessary, and I can see why you would be concerned, especially seen from outside. I think many in the Church won't want salvation, and 'many' out of the Church will want it. That is part of the official position of the Church, which I think makes it unique. It's not a very good missionary motivator though, so it doesn't get emphasized.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Lucinda - Very interesting description. Your last two sentences were welcome confirmation of my understanding of what might be termed the 'deep implications' of Mormon theology.

As you say, they don't work well from a missionary perspective; and there is also a contradiction in what has been said between the emphasis on things that must be done on earth (e.g. the role of baptism, temple ordinances, sealing of marriages etc) and the question of whether or not these what is done in mortal life sets a ceiling on the level of theosis/ degrees of glory attainable after death.

Also whether Heaven is literally stratified and the strata separated - or whether there are continuously variable levels and types of 'degrees of glory'. Statements have been made on both sides by authorities and theologians.

You know where I come down on these matters - but it took some years of reflection on the implications of what I regard as the core Mormon theological and metaphysical convictions (i.e. the basic structure of ultimate reality, as understood by Mormon theology - building from those about which I am sure) before I decided.

If I am right about the magnitude of change that has swept the world and continues, these are matters everyone will need to consider - probably the sooner the better, because I believe the default is to follow social institutions and choose actual damnation (however this is dressed up in language).

Lucinda said...

People don't like to be realistic about whether or not they even want salvation, being personal-responsibility-avoidant. I think the damnation being chosen is the belief that God is holding us back, rather than ourselves rejecting our own life and happiness.