Monday 24 May 2021

Rumours of war - more Sorathic subversion?

On the one hand; we have the first ever global government; which has imposed the same mass oppression all over the world - disguised as birdemic sanctions  and based on nothing but lies, and impervious to knowledge/ facts/ evidence.

On the other hand; there is more talk of superpower war than I can remember for several decades. 

Could it really be possible that a world war would tear-apart all the carefully planned and elaborately constructed 'consensus' which has agreed upon a single ideology to be implemented by a coordinated, multi-agency plan?

How or why would there be a threat of war when the world has been 'unified' under a single totalitarian bureaucracy that encompasses all the functional social institutions? It seems irrational to build a world government, only to have it torn apart so soon after completion... Surely 'wiser heads would prevail'?

Yet we have this talk of war in high places, and with a casual quality about it all; as if nothing ore were being contemplated than a product marketing scheme. Does this mean that it is 'just talk' or that - for the people who now run things - war seems no different from their routine scams and lies. 

To me, this all looks like another Sorathic phenomenon, such as I have inferred before. As all the nations, major institutions, corporations and churches of the world have been conquered by The System of atheist-materialist-leftism - so evil evolves to a further and more extreme type which aims at destruction. 

And when destruction is the intent, and the only big thing there is to destroy is the global System - then it is the global System that will be destroyed. What else is there, after all other significant social institutions have already been destroyed or assimilated? 

...Destruction of as much as possible, as soon as possible - for which purpose a world war (or at least a superpower war) would be the surest route.

W.W. III would be primarily a spiritual war of a new type; even though it might be rationalized by the promise of material gain. Historical wars often evoked great human virtues (courage, love, loyalty, self-sacrifice...), and sometimes led to major religious revivals. So the further-sighted among the powers of evil were wary of wars for that reason

But such benefits of war seem very unlikely in 2021; because we have experienced several generations of mass religious apostasy and atheist public discourse; and the birdemic response imposed the largest/ most-rapid abandonment of religious practice in human history, which was eagerly implemented by the world religious leadership. 

So the world of 2021 has just demonstrated that spiritual and religious considerations mean almost nothing to modern Man - are, at any rate, utterly swamped by one-eyed irrational fears of illness and death... 

Therefore as of 2021 - it is unlikely that war will lead to courage or self-sacrifice. Therefore there is little to hold back those demonic powers who have become tired of the dull, strategic, long-termism of the prevalent bureaucratic/ Ahrimanic evil. 

By contrast, the ground has been prepared for those who are most motivated by immediate resentment and urgent destructive spite directed against first those they hate; then absolutely any-thing that is beautiful, true and virtuous. 

Ultimately against all that is divinely created. 

War, then, becomes a distinct possibility. Not war for any 'good reason' - although it could and would falsely be rationalized by what counts as good reasons in today's debased and incoherent world of media hype and corporate corruption. 

Instead war for bad reason - that is, war for no reason except the personal gratification of those who would be satisfied to see the destruction of that which they hate. 

After all, the populace have been trained by decades of political and media encouragement of resentment-based ideologies such as socialism, feminism, and antiracism - and these ideologies are now subsidized and enforced on an international scale. 

My guess is that the ground is prepared for war - whether this was intended or no. 

And if (or when) enough individual people with enough power or influence want to start a war, for whatever personal reason - then I don't see who or what would stop them. 

If it was at all risky or costly to stand personally against war - then who have we seen among the powerful of this world, that would have the higher principles and the courage to take risks or experience costs in order to 'do the right thing'? I know of none.    

When Men are motivated by little but fear, expediency and spite - and are (literally) incapable of consecutive thinking; it is easy for spite to get the better of fear and expediency; and then there will be a war; and one thing could easily lead to another until war encompasses the world. 

Once under way; a war based on vengeful resentment on all sides would not have any reason to cease until a very complete level of destruction had been reached - and could reach no stable end-point. 

In sum - although there is no good reason for war, that doesn't mean a thing. There was no good reason for smashing the world economy and destroying basic human interaction (forever?); yet it happened last year. 

There is no good reason for most of what happens in the world, now- yet it happens, with ever greater frequency and severity.  

Why, then, not war? It it, after all, far easier to destroy than to create: anyone can do it. 


Jacob Gittes said...

I've been wrestling with this question over the last week myself, having noticed the amping up of the propaganda against certain other nations.

Bruce, do you not see Putin as at least being more reasonable and seemingly willing or wanting to stop a big war? His rhetoric and actions seem to be more principled than any of the leaders of the West, and he seems to be trying to impose the idea into Western leaders and the Western masses that Russia doesn't want war, but will stand her ground.
I don't dispute at all that all the main nations of the world are part of the global system, but Putin seems to value Christianity and the idea of a people. He at least claims to be a devotee of Solzhenitsyn. Is that all an act?

Regardless, whatever Putin's heart and level of courage, he is only one man. The rest of the world seems intent on nihilism and despair.
I don't think that the masses of the USA at least would willingly send their sons and daughters into a WWI-style meat-grinder, but who knows what forms modern automated war could take.
The first war of the drones?

John Rockwell said...

Once the Qin established the bureaucracy. And imposed uniformity of weights and measures as well as language. It is bound to reunite after division:

If globalists love China. Its for this reason. China was a durable bureaucracy that smooths the paths of unification.

Once the Mandarin system is in place. With the Civil Service examinations and the Bureaucrats appointed by said system under an Emperor. The only change is the change of dynasties but the Country always reunited as a single State.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JG - The birdemic showed us that everywhere is *qualitatively* the same - some places are better and some worse; but all are the same deep down, and are on the same trajectory.