Thursday 6 May 2021

Virtual-Closure, the birdemic, and its peck

The ideal was, presumably, that the virtual world created and propagated by the Global Establishment should be completely disarticulated from reality. 

This could be termed Virtual Closure; because it amounts to the ideologies of the official-media-corporate world becoming self-sealing, circular, self-generating. 

The virtuality no longer needs reality, is no longer affected by reality; there is no way-in for reality; reality cannot refute it. 

Perhaps the ideology of birdemic and its peck are best illustrative of Virtual Closure; since none of the major elements depends on reality in the slightest degree. Nothing about the situation could be affected by any 'revelation' of truth concerning how things really are; because none of it depends on truth - none of it has ever depended on truth. 

To start-with the most fundamental fact - it would not matter if the birdemic virus did not actually exist as a distinct biological entity- but was merely a new label for a collection of pre-existing respiratory illnesses. That may or may not be true - but even if it was certainly-true - it would make no difference. 

It would make no difference if the birdemic was real and had been genetically manufactured as an attempted (and, apparently, botched) biowep - and it would not make any difference whether the biowep escaped by accident or was deliberately released. 

Nothing would be affected if it was true that the official death numbers were strongly, or even grossly, inflated by the inclusion of other causes of death - nor would things be affected if (as official sources claims) the 'real' numbers were underestimates. The rates might be ten times greater or ten times less than stated - and who would care enough to alter our situation?  

The situation would not change if it was acknowledged that the birdemic 'test' is unfit for purpose and not-valid; nor if it was admitted that there are large numbers of false positives - even if it was confirmed that FPs are 100% in some situations...

What about lockdownsocialdistincingmasking policies? What if it turned-out that these were deliberate made-up lies? What if it turned out that everything is ineffective? No change. What if it turned-out that all the above are harmful (physically, psychologically)... very harmful for very large numbers - and what if this was demonstrated 'for sure'? Still no change

And the peck? Policies and attitudes would not change if/ when it turned out that the peck was an inert placebo, feebly effective with worse side effects - or even if it did no good but considerable harm. Even if it was documented to be the greatest health-destroyer in the history of the world; the basic state of things would be unaffected

Nobody cares if the whole birdemic stuff was stage managed by global leaders; nobody cares if these leaders grabbed historically-unprecedented power via the birdemic; nobody cares if they consequently became much richer than anybody ever from the power grab; nobody even cares if the world-rulers are Satan-worshippers who abuse their power to engage in the vilest sins, preying upon the masses, tormenting millions and billions for their own gratification... 

In other words; anything or everything might be real and true; and it be 'proved' with whatever 'evidence' anybody might ask-for - anything might be actual but still the virtual would survive and continue to dominate. 

Perhaps if all-the-above were simultaneously revealed?... 

But no, because 'proof and evidence' for any one thing depends on the validity of other-things; and the other things are (in this instance) all free-floating fabrications.  

So we are stuck with it - stuck with The System; it is un-reform-able, un-improve-able overall. A self-healing, self-propagating web of untruth...

What we can, should and must do (for the sake of our immortal souls) is to recognize and acknowledge reality - because reality is God's creation but Virtual Closure is an instrument of the devil.


Anonymous said...

Just read this passage from the last section of Plato's Critias as translated by Ignatius Donnelly quoted in a recent essay on Plato's account of Atlantis and Tolkien's NĂºmenor:

By such reflections, and by the continuance in them of a divine nature, all that which we have described waxed and increased in them; but when this divine portion began to fade away in them, and became diluted too often, and with too much of the mortal admixture, and the human nature got the upper-hand, then, they being unable to bear their fortune, became unseemly, and to him who had an eye to see, they began to appear base, and had lost the fairest of their precious gifts; but to those who had no eye to see the true happiness, they still appeared glorious and blessed at the very time when they were filled with unrighteous avarice and power.

David Llewellyn Dodds

Bruce Charlton said...

@DLD - Except that I don't suppose there is anybody, anywhere in 2021 who regards our civilization as-it-is, to be glorious and blessed! We seem much more likely to go down with a whimper than a Numenorean bang.

Ingemar said...

Maybe it is just best to let the System and its thralls kill themselves so the rest of us can live a real life.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ing - I don't see how they can be prevented from killing themselves and pulling down civilization - but it does not seem that anybody would be exempted from the *physical* effects of a global collapse. Spiritually is a different matter.

Colin H. said...

Hi Bruce, do you think all virtualities are evil? I am starting to believe that, but the only option would be basically to live without screens, which is getting harder (I have seen some clinics where you 'check-in' with your phone filling up some useless forms, very sick!)

Bruce Charlton said...

@Colin - As I've often written earlier; we need to acknowledge that The System is evil, And that The System keeps us alive - as well as that The System is destroying itself.

This recognition (pretty much) compels us to choose either to live our mortal lives in Christian faith rooted in confident hope of resurrection beyond death; or we will despair and thus choose Hell.

So, things are becoming very clear.

Matias F. said...

Regarding DLD's comment, maybe in the 1990's (before the fall of the two towers in New York), "the West" might have appeared glorious and blessed to a materialist. But, even then, there was the -bubble which made obvious that "the economy" was Virtual Closure.