Friday 28 May 2021

Failing the birdemic test - and the consequences

To be on the side of God, everyone (and every organization) needs to pass the birdemic test - needs to know the global lockdown for what it is...

One way of failing the test is to regard the lockdown (etc.) as a great opportunity for... whatever you happen to like... less materialism, a more caring environmentalism, unity of purpose, apologetics and evangelism...

Without mentioning the massive historically unprecedented primary fact that the birdemic response installed the Satanic powers of Evil as political rulers of the whole world, including all its major institutions. 

The whole world is under one power for the first time, and that one power has its tentacles nearly-everywhere; therefore, we must discern the true nature and motivations of that one power

That is the Big Truth about 2020 - and unless this is acknowledged up-front and explicitly - unless this is made crystal clear; then for people or institutions focus on the potential good that may come from the birdemic is nothing less or other than to take the side of the demons against God and Jesus Christ. 

Because any-thing may be turned to some good - even the most evil possible things that you can imagine in your worst nightmares may be turned-to good...

But that does not make something Good in-and-of-itself! It may be a consequence of evil of the most extreme kind that God turns to Good - but no matter how Good the outcome, it was still evil. 

Life is always about making the best of things; but to make the best we must first know what we are making the best of - and which side it is on.  

Otherwise we will be supporting, sustaining and defending that evil which aims to destroy God's creation and damn all souls. 

And that fact of working-for-Satan is not affected by whether you suppose yourself to be A Christian, or any other kind of spiritual person.  

If you have not discerned evil intent when it rules and is rampant - you have damned yourself and betrayed God's world. 


Karl said...

Why do you think that the birdemic response installed satanic rulers?

In my view, they were already in power and simply made their rule more obvious by expanding their rule into parts of everybody's life that were previously "unruled".

Bruce Charlton said...

@Karl - Yes, and everywhere in the world - simultaneously.

Of course it was only possible because all the elements were in place. The reason the birdemic is a litmus test for Christians, is because 2020 was when the Evil Lies became un-missable - un-deniable to anyone who was not on the side of evil.