Monday 31 May 2021

Spiritual versus physical activity

We need to become spiritually active - as distinct from materially active. 

In our civilization (as of 2021) the ideal is to be physically active, spiritually passive. Physical activity has been valued for several generations; but now, due to totalitarian lockdown, has become a high status marker. 

Spiritual passivity is necessary to avoid ostracism and suppression. Passivity is also an ideal among New Agers, Jungians, One-ness spiritual advocates, traditionalist religious (including Christians) - pretty much everybody... 

Spiritual activity is rare - mostly because it is actively avoided (the only permissible spiritual activity is to avoid it). It is regarded as a bad thing for the secular-left majority and the religious minority alike. 

But those who (like me) regard spiritual activity as an ideal are rare - because for it to make sense as an ideal requires ultimate metaphysical assumptions (i.e. concerning the nature of reality - its purpose and meaning) that are uncommon. 

Yet I want to be spiritually active - but not by pushing my thoughts, not by spinning theories, nor by seeking esoteric thrills (which is where it often degenerates into)... 

Instead... by starting from love; making evaluations; discerning realities; then working by active, conscious choices - while monitoring my own responses.

...By looking for results in the world of thinking - where that thinking is known to be reality (to be, itself, the 'stuff' of creation). 

Spiritual activity should not be (can not be) used for seeking esoteric thrills - but it is intrinsically thrilling: a great motivator and en-courage-er.  

Note: Rudolf Steiner's superb book The Philosophy of Freedom is also translated as The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. Either way; the book has much of importance to say about the possibility of being spiritually active. 

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