Wednesday 28 December 2016

2016 - the year of ridiculous optimism

It seems that 2016 was the real 2012 - the winter solstice of which was supposed (by many of the New Age spiritual persuasion) to mark the inflexion point predicted by an ancient Mayan Calendar.

In contrast the redoubtable David Icke predicted several years ago that 2016 would be the crucial year, the beginning of a period of about three years when the odds would be stacked in favour of those wishing to overthrow the Global Establishment.

(The 'GE' being the demonic conspiracy to monitor and control everyone into a state that DI terms fascist slavery; but which I interpret as self-hatred, willed-personal-and-national-suicide, and ultimately self-damnation.)

Well, 2016 has indeed been a crucial year - the first such since 1967 (which was 49 years ago - or 7X7 years for you Pythagorean/ Platonist numerologists) in my personal experience.

By my understanding, such calendrical predictions are very approximate, and do not unroll according to any predetermined plan; rather they reflect the developmental phases in a destined (i.e. divinely intended) evolution of human consciousness, as mediated and modified by the vast complexity of human agency and demonic destructiveness. 

So 2016 is the beginning of a period of possibility; when we are being given the clarity of vision to see what has happened to us and what is intended for us - and the chance effectively to say No: to  take another path. The nature of that alternative path has yet to be chosen - and even the outlines are unclear; but it must be (because nothing else is wanted or could work) a path initially of spiritual awakening, leading on (at some point) to Christian religious awakening.

At any rate, I have been getting intermittent intuitions of, apparently, ridiculous optimism throughout the second half of 2016; intuitions which seem to validate what many other have written about and variously interpreted; that the mass of people (a majority, albeit perhaps not an overwhelming majority) have reached the point of recognising the malign intention of the ruling elites towards them and their nations.

So far things have not gone much further than this recognition and the new understanding that this is felt by very large numbers of people (and not just an insignificant and powerless minority). There has been a strong, and still growing-daily, backlash against this incipient awareness, from the Establishment and its organs of government, education, law and the mass media; but this anti-popular onslaught has brought the repression out into the open and undeniable - so it is probably feeding the movement it is intended to crush.

2017 is therefore a moral test for The West. We will be given the chance to escape certain doom, and take another path; but that other path will involve most people in significant personal sacrifice in terms of material goods, comfort, convenience, and so forth. The moral test is whether people are prepared to pay the necessary costs for a better future, or whether by clinging to their addictions and distractions they will embrace the down-slide into despair, self-hatred and chosen damnation.

This is not yet decided, and at present all possibilities lie open before us; and the choices are becoming clearer by the day. What is coming is a test of honesty, courage and love.

If we fail it, as a culture, then we will (as a population) have no serious cause for complaint about what happens after. But if we pass the test, then The West will be reborn with a positive spiritual and religious future; a life of meaning and purpose directed at becoming more-divine - and of course this is available only at the usual price of 'blood, toil, tears and sweat', payable in-advance, up-front, here-and-now. 

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