Saturday 24 December 2016

Does Mouse Utopia lead to greater spiritual danger?

See the Mouse Utopia blog for the story so far:

If Mouse Utopian conditions lead to a reduced adaptiveness for humans - reduced intelligence, impaired instincts, damage to sexual and behavioural functionality, mass illness and premature death; then is this likely to change the spiritual condition of Man?

Mouse Utopia would be expected to lead to a collapse of the economy, and a massive (talking billions*) decline in population, and all sorts of other material disasters - but from a Christian perspective, how might things play-out?

My guess would be that spiritually things would overall improve, not decline; since Christian faith does not need high intelligence, fitness, adaptiveness, long life, or anything else. Young children, the simple minded, the crippled and sick - such persons have been and can be Christians as good as any - and better than most.

A further factor to consider is that here and now, in the West - two hundred years after the onset of the industrial revolution, and beneficiaries of decades of peace, comfort, prosperity and longevity - we have the least spiritual and most systematically evil society in the history of the world.

Here and now we dwell in a society so evil that it not only fails to recognise the reality-of, or distinguish-between, Good and evil but actually inverts them.

A society which mobilises the state, educational systems, and the mass media to advocate more and new inversions of Good; a society that creates official propaganda for inversions of truth, beauty and virtue; laws to implement inversion, which bribes and coerces the mass population into acknowledging inversion.

And this modern world was the product of genius - the genius of European peoples who discovered, devised, invented and made the theories, artifacts and systems upon which the modern anti-Good world depends. And genius depends on very high intelligence in combination with a specifically adaptive Endogenous Personality characterised by powerful inner motivation and intuition:

So Mouse Utopia will certainly bring-down modernity, and with it the expansion of the world population from one to seven billion. The magnitude of death and pain is appalling to contemplate.

But spiritually, ultimately, such a collapse might be the savour of the Western peoples - and certainly seems more hope-full than continuing on the present course towards ever-more complete and extreme moral and spiritual corruption.


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