Friday 16 December 2016

Was Human Mouse Utopia inevitable? No - but it was desirable

Was Human Mouse Utopia necessary and inevitable?

No - because there are other forces at work in biology (although denied by mainstream biology) that can in principle overcome such tendencies as mutation accumulation and de-differentiation. As I explained in a paper earlier this year:

A comprehensive biology would focus on development, not natural selection, as its primary mode of explanation; and there are integrative and purposive factors at work, that explain (for example) the origins of life, major transitions of evolution, and sexual reproduction. Such purposive forces could, presumably, operate in a predictive, long-termist and group-benefiting way to overcome the cumulative genetic damage envisaged in Mouse Utopia.

But I do not believe this happened. Mouse Utopia has happened to humans, and continues to happen; and the purposive and integrative forces have not been mobilised. The purposive forces that shape biology were not, in fact, deployed - they did not choose to deploy. The 'natural' tendency to destruction was allowed...

Mouse Utopia was the choice of modern Man - Modern Man, in effect, decided to define his 'utopia' as a world much like Mouse Utopia: a world of hedonic materialism - that is a world dedicated to comfort, convenience, and pleasure.

Modern Man got what he wanted, but the consequence will be destruction of his civilisation.

Because there is a deeply sinister aspect to the modern condition, such that it must be brought to an end. In effect, I am saying that modern humans chose Mouse Utopia as its ideal back around 1800 and have stuck to that decision ever since; the led to Mouse Utopia, and Mouse Utopia leads naturally to mutation accumulation, loss of fitness, reproductive decline and extinction. All this was allowed to happen because the alternative would be much worse.

From a divine perspective, modernity has been a colossal disaster. Not so much for the mass slaughter of wars, nor even from the even greater sufferings and slaughter of the exterminations practised by materialistic, hedonic, atheistic Left wing dictatorships (Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Kin Jong-il etc) - but from the perspective of the mass self-chosen damnation of souls.

I have said many times that we live - now, in The West - in the most evil time and place ever; and I mean this quite factually and objectively. Never before has there been (so far as we know) any human society in which The Good has been so comprehensively subverted, and indeed inverted.

To an astonishing, and ever increasing extent we regard virtue as evil; wickedness (short-termist, selfish, manipulative pleasure seeking) as virtue; we do not even attempt to be truthful but revel in deceptions, and misleading; we not not attempt to create beauty but instead mar it and claim that the disgusting and soul-destroying is true beauty.

Westerners live in a fake world of the mass media, and are addicted to this world - and this world is the focus and major source of subversion and inversion.

In sum, modern Man is very deep in evil, and wants more evil - therefore it is important that modern man be stripped of his power and capability since he will use it, overall, for ill.

In this sense, Mouse Utopia is the saving of the world from a spiritual fate worse than death: worse than most people believe or can even imagine. Because if modern Man retained the capabilities he once had, he would have deployed this creativity to monitor, manipulate, exploit and torment - his objectives would be (as they are, and have been for several decades) to spread fear, resentment, and despair - and induce an active loathing  of salvation (so that - eventually - Christianity is rejected not because it is believed to be false  - but because it is known to be true; but revolting, oppressive and immoral).

In sum, modern Man chose Mouse Utopia when he chose materialism (and rejected the challenge of of developing as Romantic, Imaginative, Intuitive Christianity as envisaged embryonically by Goethe, Blake, Coleridge and Wordsworth). The biological consequences of Mouse Utopia could have been prevented, but were not; and - unless there is a change of heart, repentance, and a new spirit in The West - Mouse Utopia will be allowed to destroy the power and capability of The West - for its own good, and the good of humanity in general; because the alternative is so utterly appalling: the Transhumanist nightmare, a living Hell.