Thursday 29 December 2016

Is Howard Shore's music the best thing about the Lord of the Rings Movies?

Maybe... Yes?

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Bruce Charlton said...

Fro BILL - It is also a favorite of mine, but I find some tracks have odd, even jarring, shifts of tone. A good example is FoTR's 'A Journey in the Dark'. The first two minutes are some of my favorite from all the albums, but then shrieking strings come from nowhere. The scenes from the film scored to this music actually sound much better, resolving in Gimli's lament over Balin.

I think this occasional whiplash might stem from the tracks being fit to both the films (in whatever state of editing at the time of recording) and their symphonic adaptations.

Sill mostly good. Favorites are 'Concerning Hobbits', 'Forbidden Pool', and 'Pelennor', if I had to choose one from each.