Wednesday 21 December 2016

The Mass Media are not corrupted - they are the prime source of corruption

People continually complain about the dishonesty of the Mass Media and the way that they create and sustain a fake reality - as if the Media had been corrupted by politicians, corporations, the Mandarin intellectuals or whoever; but this interpretation is upside-down.

The Mass Media are the main source of corruption in modernity - the fact that they have created a fake and evil virtual reality to which the majority of Westerners are addicted is their core attribute.

Strictly, the Mass Media are not the origin of organised, strategic evil in this world; that would be a relatively very small number of demonic supernatural evil entities and those they possess, plus a larger but still very small number of devoted servants. But the Mass Media is the next step down, and the major means by which evil is strategically active in the modern world.

Therefore to criticise the Mass Media, to try and shame them, to call for their self-discipline, to try and create an enforce some kind of ethical code, to talk in terms of their reform - this is utterly futile and indeed a misdirection.

We need to regard the Mass Media as primarily a deliberately-evil entity - whose use of truth is only a tactical device to make untruth more powerful; and also only somewhat-Good for the reason that evil cannot ever, in principle, be complete (being a negative kind of thing, against-Good).

With the Mass Media all that we need to know is that - like any liar - we should not listen to it, because truth cannot be gleaned from dishonesty. We should therefore try to ignore what it says, and minimise contact with it - since listening to clever deceit in large volumes will almost certainly do us a lot more harm than Good. 

Even 'monitoring' the Mass Media, with the goal of pointing-out and correcting its falsehood is usually very unwise; since we ourselves very seldom know the truth about what is happening; and because we get drawn into debating according to The Media's own rules, and in fora provided by the The Media.

Our job is simple - to acknowledge ourselves as Media Addicts, and to cut down on consumption with the aim of eliminating dependency.

This creates the mental space and energetic resources which we may then direct to primary matters of our own place in the Human Condition; to ultimate metaphysical issues of our primary assumptions; and to a focus on our own common sense, personal experience, and intuitive knowing.

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