Wednesday 28 December 2016

The West is ruled by an evil-motivated 'conspiracy': The key, necessary insight of 2016

If there was a breakthrough in 2016 - if there was some kind of awakening, and potential turning point; it was a realisation that the major long-term problems of The West are not accidental, nor are they due to incompetence, nor a consequence of well-meaning but short-sighted and selective self-interest; but they are because The West is ultimately ruled by an evil-motivated 'conspiracy'.

In other words, at the highest or deepest level of global affairs, there is a dominant grouping that are primarily and strategically aiming to harm the world and its peoples.  

The insight that, to a substantial and significant extent bad people are in power, they have-done and are-doing bad things on purpose, and they are planning to cause many more bad things to happen. 

And therefore, if things are allowed to continue as they have been for the past decades; then (sooner or later) life will be made extremely horrible: dystopia created on Earth deliberately, and by the coordinated actions of people currently in charge.

The next insight has not (yet?) been so widely appreciated; that the whole direction and fundamental basis of our world needs to change. And it is up to us - as individual; here, and now - to do it:

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