Friday 2 December 2016

Was the global Establishment conspiracy pleased with the Obama Presidency?

Well, no, obviously not - they were very disappointed.

Much like everybody else is disappointed who initially supported Obama; except for those who personally benefited from the enhanced within-US racial hatred, which has been his primary (and likely to be most lasting) legacy.

On the basis that BHO was (from the Establishment perspective) a docile dupe and 'front man' (rather than an active-insider-member like HRC was intended-to-be); it was hoped either to 'turn' Obama into an insider or make him a proactive implementer... but it didn't really happen.

Obama could have caused much more destruction of The Good than he did; so why didn't he?

I think the powers that be underestimated the man's self-satisfaction and laziness.

BHO was content to bask in the unearned adulation of being the first (half-) Black President. But this was only the latest example of a lifelong pattern. First he basked in the national acclaim of being the first (Half-) Black Editor of the Harvard Law Review. Breaking all precedent, Obama was too lazy to use his position to publish his legal opinions (if he had any); after which he must have been the only faculty member of the University of Chicago since 1900 never to publish anything at all; including that he failed himself to write and deliver a draft of his (unearned and lavishly paid for) autobiography - and had to use a ghost writer.

If it was hoped to spiritually 'possess' Obama with demonic evil; that too seems to have failed - BHO is probably much too pleased with being who he already is, to invite or allow a soul-takeover from some external entity.  

This kind of self-entitled laziness is characterological and not something which can be overturned merely by being made POTUS; and this was the mistake of the powers that placed Obama in that position. He could have done so much evil - yet he preferred to play golf or basketball...

And for this, Christians ought to be very grateful indeed! He delayed the agenda of evil by several years. This is not to Obama's personal credit; but is an example of the way that evil sometimes trips itself through its own narrow pride, blindness and impatience. 

Hence the decision to place a wholly-corrupted insider in the White House in 2016. But full-on spiritual corruption is hard for a human body to maintain, decade after decade, and HRC is now a mere shell of a person, barely animated by the wickedness that possesses her.

Things could have been much worse than they are; which may turn out to be helpful.... but only if enough people now wake-up sufficiently from their hypnotised deception to recognise what has been happening; and if they become able to reignite the sources of love and courage which will be necessary before any positive and good new direction can reverse and roll-back decades of wickedness triumphant...

So let us be somewhat grateful at how things turned-out, but not complacent - it gives a slight opening, no more - and it is up to us to expolit that opening; first to reform ourselves, and (only) then press for social reform.