Saturday 17 December 2016

Why has Russia/ Putin been singled-out for war-excusing demonisation (above all the many other candidates)?

The answer is quite simple: Russia, rather than anywhere else, has been singled-out for demonisation - with the aim of excusing war - because of Russia's Good qualities; and not because of what it does wrong.

Of course, Russia, like all nations, and especially all superpowers, does many wrong things - but none of them are why Russia has been chosen from all possibilities as the excuse for a war that the global elite want.

Russia is being demonised because of what Russia's does right, not what it does wrong; and primarily because Russia is (again) becoming an-ever-more explicitly Christian nation.

Christianity leads onto other consequences - such as Russia being substantially anti- Sexual Revolution, anti- Identity Politics, anti- Political Correctness and so forth; and a stand-out directness, clarity and coherence to Russian foreign policy.

Such clarity about Russian interests makes it relatively easy and convincing for Russia to explain itself to the West.

By contrast, Western foreign policy does not serve (typically harms) national interests (and is deeply-opposed to the personal interests of the mass majority of Western people) because it serves the interests of the demonic International Establishment of Evil Billionaires and Celebrities.

Western foreign policy is increasingly-obviously subversive of order and of Christianity - ie. Good-destructive - and therefore its rationalisation is necessary deceptive.

Consequently the Illuminati are getting worried about allowing Western people any access to the Russian point of view, which they currently are vilifying as 'propaganda' and 'fake news', and trying to ban...

Despite (or rather, precisely because) of the fact that Russian propaganda and news is much more honest and accurate than the tendentious lies gushing from Western governments and the mass media 24/7.