Thursday 1 December 2016

The climate change scam explicated in 25 minutes...

The bigger the lie, the more they will believe it - as was said by a notorious German Socialist whose name was Adolf Hitler. And - backed by an estimated tax/ bribe of 1500,000,000,000 dollars a year (certainly an underestimate), and the entirety of the government, 'scientific', political, business, legal, military, educational, health care and media Establishment - there has never in human history been a bigger lie than Anthropogenic Global Warming caused-by Carbon Dioxide - and preventable and controllable by carbon monitoring and regulation.

The situation is described with common sense and humour in this latest podcast by the redoubtable David Icke; who makes clear that at the root of the Climate Change lie is the United Nations; and the cover motivation is to provide yet another set of excuses (these ones crafted to appeal to a particular class of Green/ Environmentalist progressives) that create a 'need' and 'moral' justification for totalitarian, all-seeing, all-controlling World Government.

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