Thursday 8 December 2016

Hate Facts - how much use are they?

As someone who got into significant trouble over hate facts (ie non-politically-correct truths) back in 2008 (i.e. social class intelligence differentials) - and considering that the suppression of hate facts is stepping-up, internationally, both in severity and scope - it is useful to ask how valuable hate facts are in The West.

The answer is; not very.

The systematic and official process of suppressing hate facts began in the middle 1960s (focused on intelligence testing). With the internet, it has never been easier or faster for people to access hate facts - and this outcome was anticipated twenty years ago - but they just don't.

The public are worse informed than ever before about the basic realities; and the reason is that they are addicted to the mass media, such that it structures their reality.

It is not merely a question of people 'believing' what the mass media tells them; but that they spend so much time engaged with teh mass (including social) media, and the mass media controls their attention and mode of thinking.

So facts of any kind have become almost irrelevant.

So why are they being so actively suppressed at the moment (under cover of the Orwellian inversion of 'Fake News')? I would say it is a panicky miscalculation by The Establishment - so, overall, I am very pleased! They are likely to create a situation in which - because facts are more difficult to find, there will be induced a craving for them; as with the Samzdat information sheets of the Eastern Bloc, and the secret seminars, and the word-of-mouth networks... Perfect!

So, while the repression of hate facts is undoubtedly of evil intent - it is an error on the past of The Enemy, and there is a distinct possibility that it will back-fire.