Tuesday 27 December 2016

RUL - Residual Unresolved Leftism - Any person or organisation that is anti-Christian (that is, not explicitly pro-Christian) is objectively Leftist in effect

Diagnosis is easier than treatment. A fair number of authors, even some in the mainstream, are able to diagnose the main problems of The West; but extremely few of them are able to make valuable recommendations for how to 'treat' the sick patient - and the reason is typically Residual Unresolved Leftism.

In other words, people suppose they are free of false and unfounded assumptions; but in fact there are Leftist assumptions built-into their understanding, and which negate their ability to see what needs to be done.

To put it another way: the study of fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality is metaphysics; and it is metaphysics which is most often and characteristically flawed in modern discourse.

And because there are unwarranted assumptions at the metaphysical level, then everything built upon these foundations is vulnerable to the insecurity of the foundations.

In particular, the most idealistic anti-Establishment cultural critics fail to perceive that Leftism is at the very root of that which they most deplore in modern life: the pervasive dishonesty and manipulation of public discourse; the iron cage of bureaucracy; the international global elite; the pacifist warmongers; the pseudo-egalitarianism of exploitative corporate power; state propaganda' bribery and soft-terror, the corruption of education; the systematic inculcation of fear and resentment between sexes, races, nations; anti-environment fake environmentalism, and so on.

Idealistic people who genuinely want to address these problems and who raise awareness of the problem; almost-always make matters worse in practice, because of their RUL.

And it turns out that the essence of RUL is usually very simple indeed! It is denial of the reality of a personal creator God. That is the root of Leftism, and it is the main form of RUL that subverts nearly all would-be idealism in Western politics.

The Counter-Culure may be, often is, spiritual or even deistic (allowing the philosophical possibility of an impersonal creative force or principle); but it is atheistic with respect to a personal creator God.

Specifically, since it is the only such religion of The West as a culture; anti-Christianity is the main form of RUL among political radicals, whether they self-identify as Left, Right or neither.

This large scale and pervasive failure is - probably - due to a failure to discriminate between Christianity and the Christian Churches; a failure which is, of course, encouraged by most of the Churches themselves (each of whom claim to be the only repository of true or real Christianity).

But we have reached a point in history when the difference between being a Christian and the institutional actuality of most of the large, powerful, wealthy self-identified Christian churches has become near-crystalline in clarity.

There is (in the West) an absolute and un-dodgeable necessity for effective cultural analysis to be pro-Christian - even (or especially) when it is actively anti- most of the actual Churches that self-identify as Christian. 

Because the mainstream Christian churches have been becoming weaker, smaller and more corrupt for many decades; and because their membership (and, even more so, leadership) are so comprehensively and deeply complicit in Leftism (such they they base their version of Christianity upon secular cultural-inculcated Leftist assumptions that they treat as unarguable, while supposing they are doing the opposite) - it is quite normal, almost universal, for radical cultural critics and activist to be anti-Christian.

Yet this anti-Christian RUL always-and-inevitably delivers would-be radicals (whether they imagine themselves of the Right, Left or apolitical) back into the hands of the Leftist Establishment, into indirectly supporting the status quo of an ever-more dominant elite global conspiracy of evil.

Leftism, as a mode of thinking, is behind all the distinctively self-destructive tendencies of the Left and Leftism is the creed of the global Establishment of evil - but to do anything positive to rectify this situation, we absolutely need to understand that Leftism is first-and-foremost anti-Christian: that is the foundation stone.

And there is no neutral stance possible on this matter: one is either pro- or anti-Christian. 

Therefore, the lesson of Residual Unresolved Leftism is that any person or any organisation that is not pro-Christian is anti-Christian, hence objectively Leftist.

NOTE: Being pro-Christian is the minimal necessary pre-requisite for being a good cultural critic; but it does not, of course, make somebody a good cultural critic! Most Christians are ignorant of, or uninterested by, cultural analysis; most cannot express themselves; most have been badly misled by the pervasive modern environment of Leftist deception - the totality of which is grossly underestimated by nearly everybody. But lacking a pro-Christian foundation, all cultural criticism will be objectively Leftist - even when it is trying very hard not to be. 

The idea of RUL was inspired by Owen Barfield's notion of Residual Unresolved Positivism - which I discussed here: 

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